• No, I don't think so. Just in need of some education! ;)
  • Perhaps. Trolishness is measured by its effect upon the COMMUNITY, not the assessment of the potential troll themselves. Your question is like saying that if you ask a person what 2 + 2 equals and they say FIVE!, and honestly believe it, are they telling the "truth." The truth is not relative it is a solid, objective fact. So a troll is a troll if they are a troll. But we all define trolls differently. For instance, if ONE time, a person gets all hot and bothered about a really irritating question and BOMBS s/he a troll? That is the question we have been struggling with since at least as long as I've been on this site in 2006. So you have to answer that for yourself. My own opinion is that trolishness has to be measured in relation to time: a repeatedly evil rater is probably a troll. A rare and honestly bombing person might just have a different set of standards. (IMHO.)
  • are you having a problem with somebody?
  • Someone being mean to you on AB? In my opinion, yes, but we all have different definitions of "troll".
  • Just being mean or any of those things is not being a troll. I troll is someone who 'sets out bait' for others to respond in an angry fashion. or DR's people, again to get a rise out of them. But people can be free to exhibit negative emotions and nasty as can be and not be a troll. IT's just the way they are. People who consistently disagree with you are not trolls. They are just different than you.
  • I'd say they're more of an @$$#0!&
  • Disagreeing can be done without any of the nasty ingredients you list in your question. The problem is, a lot of people let their emotions get the beter of them. Does that make them a troll by definition? Depending on the situation, they most certainly could be. -- ( A person who posts to a newsgroup, bulletin board, etc., in a way intended to anger other posters and to cause drama, or otherwise disrupt the group's intended purpose.
  • no, trolls know who they are ^_^
  • Horse poop by any other name is still horse poop.
  • some people say "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a probably is"

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