• Everything in moderation. If you overdo it, like anything else, there is consequence to it.
  • like everything moderation is needed, once a month or so then its a treat and tastes better
  • Curse.. five children and two grandchildren later.. definitely a curse.
  • G'day Peterpam, Thank you for your question. More blessing than curse. It is up to us to eat in moderation and it is the first job of thousands of people. There are plenty of fast food restaurants offering similar foods. Regards
  • Blessing Super Size ME! ...wait, Super High ME(the new super size me): ­
  • Neither. It's just pure American shit. Get it out of my country.
  • Honestly neither, it's just an available fast food outlet. If you 'choose' or are otherwise inclined towards eating a huge amount of their food, then it can be a curse. If you 'choose' or are otherwise inclined towards eating their food only in moderation and on occasion, then it can be either a blessing, neutral, or a curse. It is senseless, in my eyes, to define anything that is chosen by someone in full awareness of possible consequences and details (and honestly... everyone knows the deal with McDonald's by now...) as either a blessing or a curse; it is simply an option. 'Blessing' or 'Curse' imply some form of helplessness against the object in question; if you cannot control it's effects, then it is a blessing if they are positive, a curse if they are negative. In the case of McDonald's you have complete control over what it does to you, thus it is neither; merely an available fast food outlet.
  • To the average consumer, it might seem like a blessing. To me, it's a curse. A curse to the poor cows and chickens that are being mass farmed and shot with hormones. A curse to the packing plant workers who work in horrible conditions for horrible wages. A curse to the employees of the restaurants (McD's is known for it's recruitment of cheap labor, usually people who can find no other employment). It's also a curse to children, who see it as a magical place to eat and play, and then encourages a life long relationship with that child (and their diet). I just thought the photo was interesting, and although I would never vandalize anything, it gave me a 'warm' feeling.
  • Nationally, Ronald McDonald House Charities supports Ronald McDonald House as well as thousands of other worthy non-profit organizations dedicated to the well-being of children. I say a blessing no doubt
  • I like the food so, I'll lean on the blessing side.
  • Curse, but at least it is easy to avoid, so that is a blessing.
  • The restaurants..I don't like them and I don't eat there..but I wouldn't call them a curse, some people like them. I am not like some people who would 'wish away' things they don't like or agree with so no one could enjoy them. Ronald McDonald blessing.
  • It is a great American success story...I think it is a has created many has give millions of people jobs...does it have a downside, sure all businesses do...does it make people fat...sure does if you eat a Big Mac, large fries and soda every day...but they serve salads make the choice...all in all it has been good for the world...
  • CURSE! EVIL! Jack
  • Blessing. The only hamburger chains here in Vietnam are Lotteria (Japan/Korea) and Jollibee (Philippines). We are supposed to get a Mickey D's soon. As a former employee (youngster), it was a great place to work. My first boss was an absolute oaf, who made up his own rules, but the company quickly terminated him and the rest of my short hamburger career was a happy one. You can't beat fast food places for teaching kids responsibility.
  • blessing. it gave me a good job when i was younger and struggleing and gave me great experience and was happy working there. i cant see y it would b a curse? if you do not want to eat that many calories in one meal DONT! nobody has forced people to eat there, if you eat it regually you are bound to gain weight...dont blame the business but blame the choices people make!!
  • Suppose both.
  • Neither. It's a business.
  • Its Cursed since it make people obese
  • My stomach says...a curse.

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