• No. Makes me jealous.
  • I'm much more entertained by their failures than their successes. I once saw a male peacock chase a female peacock around in circles for like 25 minutes trying to impress her with his raggedy feathers, he was being a total rapist and she was having none of it. I also once saw a male penguin trying to nail a female, and apparently he missed a few days of Sex Ed class... he wasn't even close to being in the right anatomical Ground Zero, if you catch my drift.
  • ME? NO, thats sick. Only a sicko finds that amusing... ok i lied...i find it fascinating
  • Not particularly, although we did get a quarter from all the kids in the neighborhood to be able to watch when my older brother put his rabbits together to breed. I learned where the expression "quick like a bunny" comes from. :o)
  • Depends on what animals and my mood.
  • <Shakes head> No, thanks. Not my cup of tea.
  • Not really. I prefer first hand experience (with a woman). Check out the ab4adults fetish link.
  • When i was little my mum always told me when we saw dogs at it,that it was ill and the other one was pushing it to the wonder im odd it took me years to workout what they were actually doing lol.
  • Only at zoos. I love it when the lions start going at it in front of 50 kids. The parents immediately go into "don't say it was sex, say it was something else" mode. Question: The French call French fries "fries". Do dogs just call it "sytle"?
  • Some are very funny, the first time you see it, like's like in slow motion! lol!!! But if I've seen it once, that's enough.
  • Not really.
  • Yes.. well I did one time, it was at the zoo two monkies started getting it on. It was pretty entertaining it was like they were hooked up to one of those butt vibrating machines. And then to watch all the mothers sheild their kids eyes---- hilarious!
  • Only animal sex with girls.
  • No it is certainly not entertaining and I don't know why they insist on filming such things in wildlife documentaries. Some of these film crews are no better than peeping toms hiding in the undergrowth trying to catch poor unsuspecting animals in the act of procreation. So do I find this entertaining? Not me. But of course sex for animals is not quite the same as it is for us humans, I mean they don't get all hung up about it the way we do - to them it is no big deal, just a natural activity, part of life. In fact animals tend to get on with living their lives to the full while the human animal tends to sit around thinking about - it until it is too late. Okay, maybe this answer is a bit heavey, but did ask!
  • A bit, expecially if it is two humans doing it. However for nonhuman animal it is more fun to watch the reaction of the humans watching it. The last time I saw it was two monkeys in a tree above the entrance to the animal kingdom?? at disney world. Very funny. The male monkey had a lot of endurance it seemed. Moms turning their kids away from the sight.

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