• Get rid of the bloke or she goes to. Bloody insensitive the lot of them.
  • Bye bye room-mate and parasite boyfriend.
  • You either put up with it, or lay some ground rules, and divide up your stuff. You could label things, or coax her to make him find another place.
  • Well tell them how you feel and start charging them more rent. ------------------------------------------------- Buy a chain and lock for your refrigerator.
  • You definitely need to voice your concerns with your roommate. Then what you need to do is draw up a roommate contract (no joke) for both of you to sign, because that is ridiculous that she's letting her boyfriend do that to you.
  • Being "miltary dorms" from some of your comments, do they allow guys to live in them with their recruits? I doubt it. What would happen if the CO found out there was an unauthorized person living there "99% of the time"? (And better if the CO found out from YOU rather than anyone else. YOU could be held culpable for him being there, too.) Don't worry about your roommate... SHE apparently doesn't care about YOU, right?
  • You have to tell them how you feel about the situation and give them some choices that you can live with. Don't give them any ultimatums, say "would you prefer to do this? or that?" (no yes or no questions, if you give them a choice, they have to answer yes to one of them) Ask them for suggestions to resolve the situation. You might be surprised how much they are willing to bend once you voice your frustration.
  • Stop buying food and drinks, and when they start foraging through your stuff, tell them it's their turn to buy. If you had to sign a lease, talk to the landlord about him being there and not with your consent. Or move out. You should have made it clear that you don't want him there after the first few days. If you tell her he has to pay 1/3 of the rent and utilities if he's going to be there so much, maybe she'll get the idea, since you apparently aren't able to confront her about this.
  • Sleep with him!
  • Have a talk with her, give her final choice to kick her bf out if she intends to continue staying there. Don't mention about those foods, just say you wants to have more privacy.
  • Boy, they are both so selfish. Make him pay rent and buy his own food. Tell him whee his space ends, or kick them both out.
  • when they start drinking your beer, you have to draw the line. No, really though, that sucks. You need to have a little heart to heart chat, without pissing off your roomie...The boyfriend might be blissfully unaware that he's a problem between you two. I have the same problem here sometimes, but I just say what's on my mind and we resolve it as quickly as possible. It's all going to depend on how your relationship is with your roommate, and how non-threatening you seem when you bring up the subject
  • Restraining order to keep him away. You will lose your roommate, but do you care? There are many people out there that need a place to live.
  • Have a private talk with her. Explain to her that her boyfriend is there much too often. And tell her she will have to buy her own food and drinks. It would be best to say something asap..
  • Put pharmaceutical labels on all you liquid refreshments"Warning!" This product has been modifide. Ingesting small amounts will result in severe cramping and diareha lasting 3 to 5 days. Do Not use without the accompanying medications as prescibed be a Gastri-Intestinal specilaist. Send your roommate a notarized bill for her boyfriends portion of the rnt/utils/deposit used so far And add that the unapproved third party is not approved to move in. If he stays, you have a broken agreement and a constructive eviction from you apartment.You can get compensation. Don't be a door mat!
  • Did not know you were in a military dorm. This changes things. Go to your supervisor and complain. They should move either one of you to another location.
  • Report it to your landlord. She is not paying more rent than you as she should be.
  • Just talk to her about it set some very clear boundaries and consequences if they're broken.

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