• Honesty is always the best policy! Tell her that while you're flattered that she wishes to date you, that you're not interested in dating her. If she continues to bother you, then put out a restraining order against her!
  • Be firm but polite. Rejection is not nice, but it is necesary. There is one issue however; she is not ugly. She does not fullfill your standards of beauty, and you are not attracted to her, but there is someone for whom she is perfect. It's important to remember that just because you are not attracted to her does not mean that no one could be attracted to her, so declaring someone to be ugly is inacurate and rude.
  • These answers are definately the nice way of doing things. But if you just want to end that crap without any hassle just start talking about some imaginary girlfriend you have and all the nice things she does for you and she will get the idea.
  • Every one is attracted to different types of people. Taste is varies alot. So what you think is ugly someone else might not think so. Therefor there's nothing wrong with not being attracted to her and if you are tactfull in letting her know that she's not your type or your just not attracted to her there shouldn't be a problem. Attraction on many different levels is completely necessary to start a relationship and if it's not there it's not there.
  • First, let's put aside the whole thing about whether or not she is ugly. There is a lot more to a person than their looks. "Ugly" people can make great partners, and "beautiful" people can be terrors. Now, if this woman (ugly, average, beautiful, whatever) is being pushy about wanting to go out with you, and you don't want to, you should just tell her so. Be firm, and nice about it. And for heaven's sake, leave her appearance totally out of this!!!
  • politely tell her that she is not your type, and make sure u do not tell her its because she is ugly. That can bring a womens or girls self a steem down really low! hey u still want them to have an ego! Find some nice things to say about her such as Hey im really sorry but i dont think that it would work out But they next man who gets to date a women with such a great sence of humor and personaity of you will be very lucky! try something like that just DONT LIE TO HER! okk hope all works out.. :)
  • tell her the truth..say that u won't go out with her...but please say it in the nicest way...
  • Actually, take her on a date, but MAKE SURE one of your destinations on your date is a MAKEOVER SALON. You'll get her looking much better that night! Please, please give that a try.
  • Come up with a reason you can't date her. As one who has been pursued plenty "back in the day" (I'm female.) My best line was "I'd love to say 'yes'but I HAVE to say 'no." -- Sorry but a little B.S. never hurt. (And guess what? Life moves on - and everything comes around - she might just transform into a perfect 10 -- and if you're not a jerk, you MAY still have a chance down the road! CHEERS!
  • The same way you would if a pretty woman wanted to date you and you weren't interested. Say no thank you.
  • It all depends, a person can become attracted to anyone over enough time.
  • tell her you have a gf
  • you think she is ugly, but she think that she is cute,may be she love you, dont break her heart, just tell her that you are engaged.
  • Do you mean a DATE or Wants to date, as in dating...went on one once more dates? I was thinkin, if it is only one date, then on that date...have lunch together...and tell her all about, how you could never date her as in dating
  • You mean a ugly personality not looks. I got in big trouble for saying this
  • Its not me is it? All you had to do was say, now I'm all butt hurt cause you posted it on AB : ( Joking... throw her a dog biscuit and run!!
  • tell her you love someone and you dont want anyone but her might work...
  • I'll call my mother and ask her to stop bothering you.
  • can you give her a change if not i can date on behaif you give me her address n contact no tks
  • You, sir, are an effing jerk. You do not reject someone and say they are ugly. If they are ugly to YOU, that is YOUR problem and not hers. It's people like YOU who are ugly inside out to sit there and reject someone saying they are ugly. If you aren't interested, you aren't interested. Tell her you just aren't interested and leave things be. If she still comes after you, she's a despo and does not know how much of a jerk you truly are.

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