• I think it is Arizona.
  • It is definitely Arizona.
  • I'm seriously guessing here, but doesn't part of Indiana not observe DST? I think I heard that somewhere...or maybe it was Iowa? No, pretty sure it's Indiana, but I'm too lazy right now to research it, so this is what you get. Or is it that in Indiana there's one county that's part of a different time zone? Crap. I can't remember.:) **EDIT: ha! I was right! Kind of! Almost! Until 2005 Indiana did not observe daylight savings time statewide (it was up to individual counties to observe/not observe), and it is split up between 2 time zones. here's a link with more info in general on DST:
  • G'day Monkey, Thanks for your question. Arizona. BTW, it must feel weird to start daylight savings time when it is snowing in much of the country. Regards Marketwatch
  • Arizona, Hawaii, and a good part of Indiana never change their clocks from standard time.
  • I think it's Arizona
  • Only Hawaii does not observe daylight saving time.

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