• the answer is no ..and NO!!, they should be stopped and booked , fined and lose points of their licence...its totally anal and stupid thing to do
  • Honestly: Yes. Only on small roads for a short period of time. Not long conversations. Never on the highway. NEVER TEXTING. (Sorry) And it kind of depends on how long they've been driving for. If they just got their licenses, then no. No talking.
  • Driving is a privilege not a right and I would take the keys if I found out my teen was talking while driving. I think very short calls are okay by adults as long as they were not in alot of traffic. I have used mine but never to just chat. I will answer it to see if it is important and if I am able to answer it.
  • I normally don't. But today I did :( Shame on me. I was really busy and had to phone someone, and I was even looking through my contacts while driving. I did have a headset on, but no voice command for the person I was calling. I don't think it's ok for anyone to do it. No matter who or what age they are. I just made an excuse but there's no excuse. If the police caught me then it would have served me right. Over here in the UK using a mobile phone while driving has heavy penalties. Due to some tragic accidents caused, due to someone messing with their phone while on the move.
  • I try not to use my cell phone when driving and I try to pull off the road if I need to use my cell. But sometimes it is not always possible and I end up on the cell when driving. 16 and 17 year old teen agers are using their cells way too much when driving. It is just a bad habit. It's not that they need to make a call, it's that they get on the cell phone and can go driving and talking on the phone for an hour and don't think much of it.
  • guilty
  • Rarely and NO!
  • I don't drive. I don't think it's okay for anyone to talk on their cell phones while driving. It's dangerous.

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