• Not at all. They only listen to the special interest lobby groups that donate enormous amounts of money to their campaigns.
  • I think some do and I know a few that buck the system but as Sir John pointed out; the big lobby groups hold the money and a lot of leverage because of it. Power corrupts as they say; but there is always a little hope as long as people hold the vote . . . more just need to make use of it.
  • I think some do, and I think many more intend to when entering the world of politics. Even on the local level, there is corruption. I think special interests giving money and other perks to politicians should be completely outlawed, and those engaging in such things such be treated as the criminals they are. It is so against democracy, that I cannot believe it goes on as it does.
  • They listen to polls and the people/organizations with money. To prove this just look at the Clinton's: their actions changed on an hourly basis depending on what the latest poll said. The people are a irritant to them.
  • Generally, politicians listen only to the voice within which focus on self-interest..which means they are generally in lockstep with their political party, stop thinking, allow themselves to be brainwashed, and, like lemmings, "follow the leader" onto the brink of disaster and jump in...after all, their "leader" is Daddy and Daddy is in control and Daddy knows best! :(
  • Neither - they do what they want.. unless there's money involved - then they listen to the highest bidder,
  • Donors that claim they speak for the voters.
  • For the vast majority of them, the only thing they care about is the next election cycle. That's why none of them will vote for term limits.

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