• Chances are high that either you're too far away from the unit, your batteries are dying or you have something that is interfering with your signal (cordless phone, wireless nic, etc). Try narrowing down the problem by systematically reducing potential factors one at a time (move closer to system, turn off pc, turn off router, unplug phone, etc) until you find the cause, and then take necessary steps to permanently remedy the situation. If it turns out that none of those work, try your controllers on a friends system (or their controllers on yours). If your controllers work on their system, but theirs don't work on yours, your console is bugged. If theirs work on your system but yours don't work on theirs, your controllers are bugged.
  • I had this happen to me, Recharging the controller sorted it. Connect controller to PS3 via USB lead. Turn on the console (all lights flashing) When at the "desk top" Press the PS button once If all's well it should auto assign the the controller and you should only have one light flashing (indicating that its charging)
  • i have this problem too i know its not an interfrence thuough try getting a new controller or press the reset button on conroller tiny hole on back
  • it just happened to me , worked fine for months and then both controllers wont connect so it cant be anything to do with them. I then moved my wireless router as bit futher away and it worked so I must have moved it slightly to close to my ps3 whilst cleaning. LOL I knew nothing good ever came from cleaning :)
  • if it isent your wireless internet then try your controllers on a friends ps3 if yours work on theirs its your console if not is the controller
  • this happened to me also, this is how i sorted it.. 1-Press the tiny reset button on the back of the controller 2-Plug in the USB Connection wire 3-Restart Console 4-When loaded, Press the PS Button 5-Disconnect the USB wire Then it should have recognised the controller and auto-assigned, hope this works for you :)
  • I am facing a similar problem. When kI connect my controller via USB and press the PS button, it starts my console. But then lights 1 & 2 keep on flashing on the controller and it doesnt get registered. Please Help!!

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