• not yet.
  • 1. Noisey neighbor. 2. House broken into 3. Car vandelized 4. Car Totaled 5. Another car totaled, but this time with help from Onstar.
  • car has been broken into 3 different times.
  • Yes, the first time we left our daughter home alone while we went to work (she was 13), she called me and said she was locked in the bathroom and that someone was in the house with her. I told her to jump out the window, but she said she couldn't. I called the police, gave them the info and then left work. I drove home at 100 miles an hour. It turned out she was mistaken. There were some workmen that stopped at the house, but they didn't get in. Thank God it worked out all right, but it scared me to death.
  • One time I was practicing in my school's music building and these kids were vandalizing my director's car. I told him, but he was in a particularly intense rehearsal, so he just told me to go call the cops. So I did, and it was pretty fun watching the kids squirm.
  • Regrettably
  • I managed a bar. Hell, yes. I called 911 Tuesday. A light at an intersection was dangling from a cable. It was about 8 feet off the ground and swinging wildly.
  • I was driving downtown where I live one night, two o'clock in the morning when I noticed a car next to me at a red light. There were five black guys in the car, all very "gangsta", and one girl in the back seat. The girl was leaning against the window nearest me with her eyes closed. The moment I looked over at the car, every guy looked back at me with a face that said, "Look the other way right now." When the light turned green, I stayed near the car and eventually got behind it, covertly memorizing the tag number. I lost them in traffic and called the police. Never heard anything after that. It just didn't feel right. :(
  • I received damage to my car and needed the police to file a damage report.
  • Nope but my mom did. Long story.
  • Yes :)
  • Not for me... I've called them on drunk drivers on the highway (those who are OBVIOUSLY drunk and having problems staying on the road, or are weaving in and out of traffic). Called them once on a car speeding, weaving and cutting off other drivers. Followed them until the cops got there, keeping the cops apprised on where they were. Turns out they had a lot of drugs in the car and at least one was wanted for drug dealing. I also called them a couple of times when I lived in an apartment - 1) People left a party, and there were lots of gunshots into the air. (My kids were small then, but firing guns is NOT a way to celebrate!) 2) Heard a girl being mugged after dark by the mailboxes, and called them. Made sure he KNEW I called them, and he took off. NOTE: I did stop and pin a mugger until the cops came once. He'd attacked a lady coming into the parking garage. Someone else chased him across the garage, and I stepped in front of him with my briefcase in one hand, and my other outstretched, after I saw he only held a purse in his hand. When he tried to dodge, I stepped that way, blocked him with my (heavy) breifcase into a pillar, and he slipped on gravel and fell with me on him. Got a good ... I guess wrestling ... hold on him until another guy came and kneeled on his legs and someone else called the cops. We held him there (and a little old lady came up and "held him" by pressing two of her fingers into his forehead! LOL) for a few minutes until the cops got him up and cuffed him.
  • Yes and that was useless. I live in Polk county Florida and the police here are useless, stupid ass morons. The next time I have a problem, I'll call someone who will come and take care of the problem. The Polk County sheriff deputies only add to the problems.
  • Yeah i'd come home to find i'd been burgled 6 hours later they tured up!!!,it's amazing how they turned up in 5 mimutes when i has a car crash,they thought i was drunk but i passed the test,they did'nt realise i was stoned lol.
  • i called the police once to complain about a lady pissing on my sidewalk. they asked me if I would press charges. i said no, so they said they wouldnt help.
  • Loud neighbors blaring their music at inappropriate hours.
  • I'm really surprised about the number of people who have had their house burglarized. We had that also. I have called the police when neighbors had multiple loud parties, and it was very effective. They now turn the sound down around midnight. I called the animal control when a crazed pack of dogs got in the neighbors yard and terrorized their dog. They came right out and took the dogs into custody. The neighbors dog wasn't hurt.
  • Just for a couple of car accidents, and once when my car was burglarized.
  • when somebody tried to rob me and i knocked him out with a rock nearly as big as my hand

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