• An auto license plate, is usually made of some form of metal and has a number, either stamped or imprinted on it. this number is a reference to your name, address, make, model and year of your automobile. this type plate is issued every 12 months from your home state. it is a permanent fixture attached to either the front of your automobile or the rear or both, depending on your states requirement. A tag, refers to a temporary paper tag or drive-out tag, in some states. a temporary tag is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance. temporary tags are displayed in the left lower corner of the vehicle's rear window. regular license plate(s), are attached to the vehicle, itself. temporary tags are just that....temporary. they are used, while waiting for a title to clear from one state to another, a new vehicle waiting for permanent plates through your home state, and used car lots. temporary paper tags are the subject of abuse. many drivers alter the expiration date. this is a felony in most states. In conclusion, license plates are made of metal and are stamped or computer printed. temporary tags are made of paper and valid for only 30 days.
  • There is no difference. In Florida the state I live in it is called a tag and the state I grew up in it is called a license plate. It's just a matter of regional semantics.

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