• 1) not because of the Italian arias... The Italians were declared Arians - well, most of them; and the Japaners honorary Aryans (see below). 2) "A month or less later, despite official statements by Premier Mussolini that the Government had no intention of pursuing an anti-Jewish policy or enforcing any economic or political decrees against Jews, several of the newspapers began to disseminate a new Italian 'racist' theory evolved by a group of Italian university professors at the suggestion of the Government. This theory declares that the Italians are 'Aryans' or 'Nordics,' and that the Italian Jews, as members of a 'non-Italian race,' must henceforth be prevented from contaminating or polluting (through intermarriage) the 'Italian race,' which had been pure and unmixed for the past thousand years. Then the Difesa della Razza (Defense of the Race), a new anti-Semitic fortnightly newspaper, was founded in order to disseminate the new Italian 'racial doctrines.' Pope Pius XI at once, and several times, denounced this new Italian 'Aryan' racial theory as absurdly false, and as a rank imitation of the Nazi 'racial' theories. Prominent scientists throughout the world published proof that the Italian people had been greatly mixed both before and after the fall of Rome in 476, as a result of invasion, conquest, intermarriage, and political control by other nations until the year 1848." Source and further information: 3) "Hitler officially declared that Italians are Aryans, and by correct definition of the word I think they are. Correct definition? Hitler made it up as he went along." Source: 4) "An ancient Japanese legend has it that the Japanese people are descended from a blonde haired blue eyed race that came from the stars, a legend remarkably similar to the doctrines that percolated in the secret societies that fostered and mid-wifed the Nazi Party into existence in Germany between the World Wars. Nor did this legend play a small part in the history of World War Two, for it was partly because of its mere existence that Hitler could proclaim the Japanese "honorary Aryans" and conclude the incorporation of Japan into the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis without contradicting Nazi Party racial ideology. This was in no small part due to the Japanese ambassador in Berlin's diplomatic skill in pointing out this little known fact of Japanese legends to the Germans." Source and further information: Further information:
  • Well like the saying goes "misery loves company". Hitler was a rat bastard and his friends were too, they had a common goal of death. These "subhumans" thought that what he was doing was right, Hitler loved attention. This is probably all to is basically a summary of a summary of a bio on hitler from the history channel.
  • IT suited Hitler's plans to do so. Had he later gotten to a position where he could have taken on the Japanese, he would have, but at the time, he needed them to keep the AMericans busy in the Pacific.
  • Most people (especially neo-nazis) have no idea what the word "Aryan" means. The term "Aryan" was a legitimate scientific term before it was perverted by the nazis. It has since been replaced by the term "Indo-European" due to the nazi connotation. The "Indo-Europeans" or "Aryans" are believed to have originated from India and spread forth to populate the Indian and European continents (as well as Eurasia). We are talking about pre-history... long, long ago.. but rather than the origin of man, we are talking about the origin of civilization. The nazis believed there were subdivisions of the "Aryan" race (like the Nordic race) that were less "mixed" or more "pure" than other "Aryans", like the Persians or Slavs (which they believed had mixed with Semitic races). The Semitic race was believed to be entirely separate from the "Aryan" race and was believed to have originated out of Africa/Arabia (as opposed to India) and included the Hebrews, Arabs, Egyptians, Akkadians, Phoenicians, etc.. As far as Heinrich Himmler was concerned, he believed in all kinds of kooky myths and legends regarding the ancient city of "Atlantis". According to Plato, Atlantis was inhabited by a race of "superhumans" who were punished by the Gods for their corruption (and mixing with inferior races, according to Himmler). Before Atlantis was destroyed, Himmler believed 4 or 5 of the "high priests" escaped the destruction and set out for different corners of the Earth to propagate and start anew. Of course, according to Himmler, Atlantis was located in the North Atlantic near Germany and these "high priests" who escaped the carnage were Nordic Aryans who went on to start new civilizations in far away places like India, Tibet, China and Europe. So technically, according to Himmler and his far-out BS, a majority of the world's population was descended from these few Nordic Aryans (as opposed to the true scientific hypothesis that claims they were descended from Indians, rather than Indians descending from Europeans). Himmler funded countless "scientific" expeditions to places like Tibet to try to find evidence of their inhabitant's "Nordic Aryan" ancestry. There are videos of these expeditions that show nazi scientists taking measurements of Tibetan villagers to try to prove their "Aryan" lineage. To sum it up, the nazi ideal of "Aryanism" was half legend, half pseudo-science and all BS... They basically believed that there were two races, Aryan and Semitic... and if you descended from the latter, you were an enemy to the former and were "unfit for life". The great Winston Churchill put it best when he said that a nazi victory over Europe would "plunge the world into a new Dark Age, made more sinister by the lights of perverted science".
  • Too many long answers.....he could sort them out later just like any despot. :o)
  • Hitler was a politician and wasn't the race monger he is given credit for. Himmer and Goebbels were the main drivers of this aryan super being myth. I read where Hitler chastised Himmler at points for his spending millions to unearth clay pots proving Aryan roots hither and to. Hitler also hated fat boy Goering, he called him a pig and hated how he ate pork constantly. Hitler was a vegitarian. Whn the Japanese hit the US Hitler took an ally out of neccessity. The enemy of my enemy you know? I took a lot of German studies in college and you can't study Germany without studying Hitler. Hitler was no one special, probably why he ruined Germany.
  • Well, since he'd either conquered other Aryans (Dutch, Danes, Norwegians etc) or was at war with them (Britain, British Colonial nations and the USA) the Japanese and Italians where the only deal available for him. Also, they shared his world vision, and all had a common enemy (the old English Speaking democracies & Soviet Union) which needed to be defeated in order for the Axis powers dream to become a reality.
  • You ask a good question. If Hitler truly considered Aryans as history scholars claim, he shouldn't have wanted anything to do with the Japanese. The fact that he did exposes a chink in the armor of the mainstream narrative (not that it will change anything). In fact, Churchill himself used the word "Aryan" in a statement he made in 1902: "The Aryan stock is bound to triumph." - Winston Churchill, Speech and interview at the University of Michigan, 1902. The common thread that connected Germany and Japan was Britain's desire to control the Orient as well as Europe in its empire-building. Italy was a mistake for the Axis - they ended up turning on Germany in the end.

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