• no way not if you didn't want to be able to sit down for a week...:):)
  • My mom and dad put the fear of God in me at an early age. I'll still never do it now.
  • i didn't .. but then again, my parents were young and i was the first kid so i was spoiled rotten, never needed to yell at them lol. but working at a toy store, i can tell you kids these days are assholes. they seriously are .. it's unbelieveable .. i've learned to tune out the whiny little voices yelling "but DADDY i don't CARE if it was my birthday last month .. i WANT THAT TOY NOW!!!" .. :|
  • There were a few moments when I did, normally when my mother was wacked out of her mind on pills and couldn't stand up or talk, but would go out driving (a month before I left I just said fuck it, if she dies my life is easier and stopped bothering). When I was younger however it was another story, yelling=a smack, I learned quickly what respect meant.
  • I don't yell at my parents unless I'm really mad. It's a very good thing I very rarely get angry. My parents are great people. I'm less than perfect.
  • My Dad saw me yell at my mom when I was 13. He called me over and reminded me that I was yelling at his wife. I knew what he did to men that yelled at his wife. I never did it again. I am finding that parents don't want to parent. It takes a lot to tell a kid no and stick to it. It takes a lot to reprimand a child than to just let it go. I think since we have two income families, parents don't want to be the badguy in the short amount of time they have to spend with their kids.
  • I have rarely yelled at my parents. I've never yelled at my dad, and a FEW times at my mom. But only when she was yelling at me. She is impossible to speak to when angry, so yelling is kind of the only option if you're going to talk at all. but i have many friends who do yell at their parents pretty regularly. all boys. but for all of their parents, i would imagine the yelling is the least of their worries in comparison to the other things they do.
  • Never would I yell or disrespect my parents , no matter how wrong I may have thought they were . I watch so many shows / movies that it seems the children / child have the control in the house holds and I find that only makes it tougher for the parents of today -- Great Question --- + 5
  • No I never yelled at my folks nor did my parents haller at me. The only time voices were raised was in debate over things like politics or religion. If I f***ed up I got the stern "We're disappointed in you" speech. Which hurt more than any yelling could ever do. Everyone today is to busy worrying about kids self esteem and what medication they need and special needs they have that are making them act out. It goes back to the point of people not taking responsibility for their own behavior.
  • If I had even thought of yelling at my mother (yes I was raised by a single parent) my mouth would still be hurting from her backhanding me across the mouth. My mother did not beleive in the spare the rod spoil the child.
  • Parents try to be their kids friend today. A 14 year old doesn't need a 40 year old friend, kids need discipline and direction. You can be friends when they start paying your bills.
  • Yelling at your parents is never acceptable. it shows lack of respect. Kids today, take everything for granted. a roof over their head, cellphone, dvd, food, money. they just expect the best of everything and what do they give in return? disrespect by yelling at their parents. I can tell you this, it was never allowed in my parents house and neither was it allowed in my house. Showing disrespect, meant someone was grounded for a week without any form of entertainment or communication. we stood by our pusishment and it worked. Yelling at your parents was not socialbly acceptable back then or today.
  • I was petrified of my mother as a kid but as an adult I tell her to f off all the time
  • I wouldn't have dared to yell at my mother. She would have "knocked me through the wall" so to speak. I never allowed my children to talk back to me. There's a difference in stating an opinion and back talk. I can remember seething when I would make a statement about something they shouldn't have done and they'd say, "So!" Gawd! I was working my ass off trying to keep all the balls in the air, give them what they'd of had if they had 2 parents, putting a roof over their head, food in thier mouth and they had the audacity! Ok, I'm over it.
  • i talked back but thats when i felt like being ballsy. I typically had to stand at attention if i did something wrong and take the punishment i deserved. I was late 80s so i geuss it was socially acceptable around early 90s maybe. Parents are too lenient, id be damned if my kids disresepcted me like that.
  • I didn't because a lot of the time my dad reasoned with me rather than telling me, "Do it because I said so!" A primary example of that was once when I was about 5. I reached into a garbage drum and took out a dark brown bottle of what I thought was yummy maple syrup. My dad quickly said, "Don't DRINK that. That's turpentine and it'll burn your throat and kill you!" I immediately complied. ;) That showed me how listening to his advice would really help me make good decisions for myself and even save my life. :) My niece is 26 and I've never heard her yell at anybody.
  • I guess I argued with my parents a little, and it was never too harsh, but I have seen my friends really get mean. I think kids are becoming much more spoiled and more set on instant gratification. Back in the day, I bet parents were way more strict. My dad always said, "My dad always made me do this," or "I did twice as much work as you do when I was your age."
  • I don't think I ever yelled at my dad and step-mother, but they certainly did a lot of yelling -- at each other and at us. If I had raised my voice at them -- even in defense -- I would have been knocked into last week, so I didn't yell. I would retreat to my room and cry, but not yell. My friends' kids yell at them, and they just take it. I also see many of my friends giving their children "consequences" for their actions, then backing down the next day. I don't have children, but I often wonder how they will learn if you ground them for a week today, then restore their privileges the next day. Parents don't want their children to be unhappy. But, if the child (or teen) is unhappy, maybe they will realize it was their actions that got them into the situation in the first place, so they will remember the next time around.
  • No. Never. I don't think it ever occurred to me. I had older siblings and none of them did that I know of. I had a pretty good idea of what the "consequences" would be. My dad was not one to "spare the rod". I think too many parents let their kids get away with it at a young age and it simply becomes a habit with the kids. I remember getting the fire slapped out of me for just making a smart alec comment once. I was maybe eight or nine. That was the last time.
  • well, i've always been too scared to yell at my parents anyway ;)
  • Never in my wildest dreams did I outwardly disrespect my parents. I don't think it is acceptable even today and it surely isn't in my house.
  • I would never have dared or even wished to yell at my parents, we were brought up to respect our elders and unstand that the things they do are for a reason. My own children have never yelled at us either as they have had the same values instilled in them and know that we explain any choices made for them.
  • not really, i would just lock myself up in my room and put bikini kill/minor threat full blast.

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