• No, I see them regularly, they are grown up and self-confident. They would not need constant supervision. It is nice when they are there, but it is also nice to be alone.
  • if i had kids i would probably miss them.
  • Yes, I miss my kids very much.
  • More every time they leave. I can't say as I am enjoying the "Empty Nest".
  • With every beat of my heart.
  • Everyday! They live in Oregon with their mom, I live in California! I talk to them almost everyday, but I still miss them! They are my Ka-Tet!
  • Yeah! My oldest is at school and my youngest is napping :)
  • not to much I love them and like to see them but we all have our own lives, missed my boy when he was in prison that was tough but hes doing good now
  • st. paul said, it is far better for me that i depart to be with christ ( my loved ones ), but it is better for all that i remain were i presently am, oh what do i do i am torn in two. i could go and be with my family seems how not many people are listening anyways and so many are trying to kill me all the time, which they would stop trying if i would stop running after them. it is funny how jesus always excapes the mob going right through the midst of them. they just can not grasp him, he just slips right though their hands. anyhow it is best for the children that while i am on the front lines, that they are not near me, just their love in my heart to keep me alive and moving. though i know not where i am going, i go, for i know that it is love that is guiding me. for it has proven to me of what it is manny times and has never failed in the end. sometimes you think how can this possibly be the way that the father is guiding me, but as son as that mission is over and the light seenin the end there is nothing that you would have done any different. hell, you cannot even fathom how all fell so perfectly to be able to do it again. but god knows the hearts, and minds and thoughts of all, and with that knowledge can do amazing works though you. but there are manny great reasons for our being left in the dark to what you mission is, part is two way faith building, part is so that you will not screw things up and there are more. yeh i misss them, but i am being more of a father in what i am doing than i could if i were to stay at home. protect your children from harm and leave an inhertance for them. the inheritance that i leave will be the my hand in the building of a better world. and this also is protecting them from the world that now stands. also my being away while i fight this fight, protects them.
  • I do not have kids of my own...but I've raised my ex's kids for years. I miss them. I wished they were my own. I love being called Mom by them.
  • Yes, tremendously. The surprised me this weekend with a visit. My heart is smiling huge.
  • I'm lucky enough to have my kids with me every day. I bring them to school and I'm there when they get home. But when they go to visit their grandparents in singapore I miss them like crazy
  • Two of my children are overseas. Yes, I do not miss them occasionally and when I miss them I will call them and talk briefly with them. I would normally feel better after that.
  • I don't have kids of my own and never will. So no.
  • no because i have none.

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