• Do you like to cook?
  • Pretty much 'any' job you do will earn that, or more. In NSW the minimum wage is something like $12 an hour, give or take (I'm not exactly sure here, but I imagine yours will be quite similar), so in a single day you should earn your $100 (I imagine you could find a job that pays above minimum wage). That is working 9-5 though, if you want shorter working hours part-time somewhere, you can still very easily earn $100 per week. ***** For example, I'm 18 and worked in a wine shop part-time for a few weeks just before Christmas last year and earned about $80 per day (maybe 85... I'm not entirely sure). It wasn't formal work, more of a favour to the shop owner since he's a friend of the family and he is always very stressed at that time of the year... So I think I was actually paid 'less' than the minimum wage : P (I was working from 10am-5pm, 3 days per week). ***** So yeah... I'm pretty sure that just about 'any' job you manage to get will earn you 'more' than $100 per week, since you are an adult and they need to pay you minimum wage.
  • ur a fuken tard almost any job will get you 100 bucks a week you can work 8 hours a week at big w or subway and get 100 bucks you idiot

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