• All this does is drive up the price of food for information that the majority doesn't read or even understand. Common sense should be the rule of thumb when buying food.
  • I want it to be required to list the information for the serving size, and the whole package. no-one eats 4.5 ounces of chips out of a 10 ounce bag. I get sick of seeing "No trans fat" on apple sauce or "no cholesterol" on a can of vegetables. It did kindof become an advertising thing.
  • How about what a real serving is? I don't need no freeloader clerk from grocery store to bum a dinner for him and his family becuase I bought an Encore dinner. I can eat two of them on my own. Besides, why didn't the single customers just buy a single dinner? Maybe that clerk should ask for a raise so he doesn't have to bum food from the cutomers.
  • I agree with the other replies here. Especially on what exactly is one serving. I would if possible to do so, put in a food's glycemic index. This is crucialy important for people with diabetes True one can look up food's GI on net and in GI info books. But what of combination foods like for example different cassorole dishes.
  • i think its good since some people might need to know whats in the food
  • I'm all for it. When you need to cut down on calories or sodium for instance its valuable info. It is shocking how much sodium you find you are eating.

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