• Um "date" well if that's what ya wanna call it - anywho, my guy and I sat around a camp fire drinking mixed drinks talking smack to one another until we finally realized we were attracted to each other.
  • He got a group of friends together, young and older, and we went to see the Love Bug:-) Yes, it was that long ago. Before the movie we went out to a pizza place. Then we all went home.
  • I drove down to Charleston to meet her and we spent the day downtown, walking through Battery Park and enjoying a lovely day. I was the typical male idiot and wouldn't hold her hand until absolutely necessary. :p
  • We didn't really have a first date getting together...our relationship is more of a product of a hook up that ended up lasting until he realized he had feelings for me. So. Now we're a couple as apposed to just doin it. :) Our first date after we became a couple, we went to breakfast together.
  • lol... the question is what didnt I do on my first date.
  • I was having a bonfire/party for my teenage son and his 50 friends, that were in a sobriety group, he wanted to come over and hang out with me, it was also the first time I met him, we had spoken online for months. He didnt run screaming from the house, so I figured he was a keeper.
  • Mutual friends invited us to the beach and I rode there sandwiched in between a raft and some other stuff in the hatchback. We all had a picnic on the beach, swam, and my s/o gave me a ride back to our friends house. There we had a bonfire and I won my s/o's heart by cooking hotdogs. :)
  • Walked on a moonlight beach in half moon bay in California, then we kissed. It was terribly romantic! We then went to his fathers beach house and went to bed then woke up and he took me to breakfast. That was so sweet. That was about 3-or 4 years ago. Ian Richards is a wonderful man.
  • English isn't my first language, and the term 'date' has always confused me a bit.. I associate 'date' with going out, and we never really did that, me and my ex. We fell in love over the internet, and the first time we were together, we walked around in the town she lives in, talking and getting to know each other even better. Then we went home to her, and we were sitting in her room by the computer, talking about a game we both liked, when I made her admit to me face to face that she liked me
  • I went to a movie at a mall and someone got shot inside the mall.
  • We went to see a mutual friend's band and really had a great time.
  • We went water skiing on his boat. He also packed a wonderful picnic lunch for us that we shared on the beach. Unfortunately, he also farted at that picnic. It was really hysterical to me, he didn't think so.
  • I'm not exactly sure that we had one. We worked together, then on a work night out we kissed. After that he came and hung out at my house a few times before I decided that I would be his 'girlfriend'. Been on many 'dates' since then tho!
  • We went to Red Lobster, then to a place called The Bombay Bicycle Club for drinks. It was karaoke night, no I did not sing. We went back to her apartment and talked for a while. We kissed a bit, nothing more, then I went home.
  • we went to his mom's graduation, then we went to chucky cheese :) was a fun night :)
  • We met online. We emailed and talked on the phone for a while and then decided we wanted to meet for a date. We had both previously been in bad relationships, so we didn't want any pressure. We decided to make it a casual evening. We went to dinner at St. Louis Bread Company (Panera Bread in a lot of other cities), and then went to a bar we both liked and talked and played pool. We really hit it off and we've been together ever since.
  • Had dinner and ice cream afterwards. It was amazing. It felt so right.
  • Walked to an old derelict cottage overlooking the sea and decided of things became serious between us, we would buy the cottage do it up live there happily ever after. Someone else has done the cottage up very nicely, so that's out the way. And there's plenty of time for this to still happen. Watch this space folkes :)

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