• I guess you could bathe in toilet water.
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  • WHY unless you dramatically change your faith
  • I don't see how that could be possible.
  • Well, baptisem is just a symbol of comitting your life to christ, symbolizing christ cleanzing you, so in this context, this question really doesnt make sense. Does that make sense lol?
  • No, though it is possible to not live up to your baptism. It is like a contract or commitment so it's possible to invalidate it or break it, but you were and always have been baptized.
  • Weird question, I have been thinking about this all night now, there's no way to become unbaptised in a sense where you would go & undo it. But if you have another religion that you follow strongly, then you could be blessed in which it would over-ride just by pure belief. Or if your an Atheists then just believing that you are no longer a believer then, it's done. I believe that what ever you truly believe in your heart is what will come through. One more time. Believe;)
  • NOPE. It can't be "undone," but you can decide personally to just not accept its implications.
  • This pertains to the Catholic sprinkle baptism And now a rather unusual story coming out the diocese of Massa Carra-Pontremoli in Tuscany. Apparently there has been a campaign in the area in recent years by some cultural “lobbies” urging people, for whatever the reasons, to become “unbaptized.” A number of pastors were actually asked by people if they could indeed become “unbaptized,” and when word got back to the diocese, the diocesan weekly, “Apuana Life,” decided to take the matter in hand. An article reminds pastors that “for the Catholic Church the sacrament of baptism confers an indelible status and sign on the person baptized. Inserting the documentation of a baptism into a parish registry becomes a historical fact and cannot be cancelled.” The article added that “the Catholic Church has a native and proper right to acquire, preserve and use, for its own institutional ends, data relative to the persons among the faithful, of ecclesiastical entities and ecclesial groups.” The requests to be ‘unbaptized’ usually arrive at a parish as special delivery letters which often contain a phrase threatening ‘immediate legal action’ if this is not allowed. The message is simply placed as a notation to the baptism certificate that the party has expressed the desire to no longer be part of the Catholic Church. However, there are consequences for this act at a canonical level. The party requesting to be ‘unbaptized’ can no longer become a godparent for another baptism, needs special permission from the bishop to be admitted to a canonical marriage, is excluded from sacraments and, in most cases, may not have a Church burial service “if there has been no sign of being repentant.” I am trying to find information on submersion baptism next.
  • If you believe in Christ or are to be brought up Christian you may have been baptised. If you don't believe in Christ and don't agree with the religious doctrine, then you effectively are unbaptised. There is a wide difference in beliefs on what you have to have done to be baptised. Many of these diffenent ways are considered the only true way to be baptised. Makes you wonder what Christ would say. If you don't believe then you are effectively not baptised. ITs just another primative ritual religion imposes on its members like a secret handshake.
  • yaaaaaaay Im unbaptised!!! *raises a beer*
  • Since most people are baptized when they are babies, they didn't get to make the decision to be so, it was forced upon them. So basically its just like saying you are no longer a part of that religion.
  • Unless you can turn back time, no.
  • You could have an unbaptism party, like Alice in Wonderland's unbirthday party. There was actually an article in the guardian about a guy who wanted to complete paperwork to nullify his baptism. Look it up if you're interested.
  • There is only one baptism, and that baptism is from above. One will know when they have been baptized by Him, in the spirit of His word.
  • Baptism isn't a magickal incantation. It's an act of obedience. You can't undo that action, although you can repudiate its implications.
  • If someone "believes" in Baptism enough to think they have to become "Unbaptised," they probably believe in it enough to stay...
  • +5. Great Question. I like it. Gets me to thinking. Well here is a Karen Ann answer. Baptism was practiced for real and cermonial cleansing. For the Christian it symbolizes the death and resurection of Jesus. It also sybolizes our sins being washed away. If you go out in the world and reject Christ then you would be unclean in your own eyes. Going again would make sense to show you and the world your new commitment to Christ
  • Baptism is only a symbol of your changed life in the Lord. It is a public statement of your belief. I guess if you choose you can renounce that belief publicly too. Baptism does not wash away your sins though, so it is possible to renounce your baptism.
  • you can ask to be excommunicated ... that would work :)
  • not sure, but if you become a criminal, do things considered sinful in the eyes of the church you could be considered less likely to recieve all the (invisible) benefits of being a devoted religious person, or be considered bad in the eyes of the church, revoking certain rites and what have you. So i dont think there is an option of unholy water to cleanse you of the religious control but your actions could make you less of a saint.
  • nope, sorry. you are his forever
  • I came across this statement on the internet. I think it makes sense. Baptism is an initiation into the Christian religion. Such an initiation cannot logically or theologically be reversed even though initiates may later revoke their Christian allegiance. They then become heretics.

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