• I wouldn't incur anything. They would, but I would not impose a curfew on an 18 year old.
  • No, just dont let them DO anything if it gets too late.
  • I would. They can make their own hours when they have a place of their own. Also, It would depend on how responsible I thought they were. I wouldn't want to have to stay up worrying until I knew they were home safe.
  • yea, ofcourse. it would be about 11.
  • I would have house rules as they would apply to anyone living in the home. People should be home by a certain hour unless prior arrangements get made fro special reasons. If they don't like the rules, I guess they can pay their own rent and taxes and utilities at their place and set their own rules.
  • No, You might end up driving this child away. Which would lead to bigger issues, But I would make this child get a job & if this child refuses to. Then the bigger issues have already arrived at your door & it's time to show them the door. Because by now you just enabling them.
  • No, why would I? I'm not a control freak, and the person is an adult. So long as he/she is respectful of others, including when they are sleeping, I have no problems.
  • I apologize for using the wrong word. I meant enforce! Not quite myself today!
  • i think it would be more a matter of respect than a curfew-per say; just like my oldest son (16, i know it's a little different)....he is expected to come in earlier on friday nights vs saturday nights because both my husband and myself have to be up very early on sat. for work~ i think it's very kind of you to open up your home for someone but in the same token~i hope they respect you for it :)
  • i think it's perfectly acceptable to give a curfew--just be reasonable and maybe make it more of a goal instead of exactly at whatever time. i'm eighteen and i have a curfew and i think it's fine. my parents will extend it in special circumstances as long as they can always reach me. if i'm quiet when i come home it's alright if i'm a FEW minutes late. then if there's not much going on one night i'll come home early because i appreciate their realism. i think the key is to just be reasonable about it.
  • No, they have rights. Isn't it basically hostile for some one to do that? But, umm... rent free? heh, no.
  • Yes, I would impose a curfew, or at least require that they call if they are going to stay out past midnight.
  • no!... they are adults and deserve to be treated as such ...but they have to be ready to take responsibility of being an adult as well if they screw up
  • An agreement of some sort, unless they are disreguarding you completely, then you have to move on to rules. It is your home, and you pay the bills. Even though it's your child, I'll never call someone an adult if the fail to act like one at all times. Your an adult 24/7. It's not a part time job. If they think they can be childish at times and live rent free. You should then think about them finding a new home.
  • NO, I only hope that my daughter will want to stay with me when she's 18. I'd love her to save her money so she can bank it.
  • I don't care how old my relatives are, if they're under my roof, it's my rules. Rules may vary, but still I have certain boundries. My hope is that you're concerned about the welfare of your child and want to set appropriate boundries for their safety and well being. They aren't geniuses at 18, that's for sure.
  • Nope, they are 18, they can do what they want, but i wold enforce other rules, they had best not be drinking, i MUST know where they are if they arent coming home, and probably they had best be in school of some sort. Thats about it, but no curfew.
  • As long as s/he were not getting into trouble of some sorts, and were meeting the his/her responsibilities (school or work), then no, I would not. If s/he, were having trouble, causing trouble, not meeting responsibilties (not doing well in school or holding down a job), or were being disrespectful when they came home(loud, bbnoxious, waking people up..) then I would. I would ask that they give me a general idea of where they are going and when they expect to be home, more as a safety precaution, and because it is just the right thing to do, as a common courtesy. I'm a married adult and I give that information to my husband. Not because he demands it, but because it should be done.
  • House rules come with house pay, if you pay you do the rules. I welcome his paying the mortgage.
  • First, is it a male or female "child"? An eighteen year old is not universally called a child. When I was eighteen, I was in the military and on my way to a war. Nobody called me a child. I would have been very contemptuous of anyone who did. They are only a child if that is what you allow them to be. If they are a student (or not) and living rent free under your roof, you certainly have the right to impose regulations on their behavior whatever their age.. Even if they are paying "rent", it is still your house.
  • No, but I would also have them contribute to the rent.
  • No , they are an adult, but as such they need to either get their butts into college or a job, while they are looking they would be expected to help around the house.
  • I wouldn't. They need to develop their own sense of responsibility. They won't get that if parents keep a tight hold on their actions.
  • No I wouldn't incur a curfew but I would ask him or her to call if they aren't cominf home and if they do come home later just be quite coming in. Also if you want to be treated like and adult act like one.

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