• Dogs will normally do this if they feel threatened, since no adult saw this I would not let this discourage me. Do you have children, if so you can always ask for a trial run or at least take the dog and if it truly has not been socialized take the dog for obedience training. I adopted a dog from a pound, she was born there and then returned again at 11 months. She did not like men but with love, patience, and security she became the most loving dog I ever had.
  • Since no adult saw this, it could be that it was teased. I know my niece did this with a shepard that they had, then she punched the dog when it wanted to play and she was done. Eventually it snapped at her when she walked by. Unfortunately, it was during a party, and it caught her face (small bite on the cheek). My brother-in-law took the dog out and had it put down. And it was NOT the puppy's fault.
  • 11 year old boys have been known to tease dogs. If no adult saw it I wouldn't worry about it
  • If you have children, don't take the risk.

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