• Most likely a bat. Dusk is a very active feeding time for bats, and pools are an endless source of insects for food.
  • by "in" I meant "at" sorry.
  • I'm not completly sure, but I think I saw a documentary on bats and they swoop to the surface of the water, wet their chests and they suck the water off their chests
  • The bats in our back yard do this almost every night. I have heard that they are either drinking, eating bugs or getting their chest wet so they can go back and give their babies a drink...they suck the water out of the fur on their chests! We have also found bats drown in our pool strainers, I think they may over shoot the pool and end up under the water and's sad! I love the bats and I have a tiny "Chickadee"'s a tiny red cylinder of wood with a metal screw in it and we use it to call the really works!! Sometimes we turn all the out side lights off and turn the light on in the deep end of the pool and the bats come around like crazy!! It's a lot of fun!
  • That late in the day sounds more like bats. Birds are active in the morning and late afternoon, just as the light changes, when bugs would be out. But if it's really getting dark, I'd say it's bats eating up all those bugs.

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