• So long as her parents approve and there is no sex, I don't see anything wrong with it, but that's just my opinion.
  • i think that is mighty weird. It would be one thing if he was 32 and she was 27! I tihnk the guy needs to get a different age group!
  • I do not always agree with the law but I follow it because without law there is chaos. It is illegal and should be. a child and adult should not be dating or forming any kind of relationship.
  • I've seen similar q's to this on here before. Over here in the UK it wouldn't be frowned upon due to the legal age of consent being 16. At 21 the man is hardly a pensioner. He's in pretty much the same age group. I think due to the high LAOC in the USA, a lot of young men going out with a girl who's over 16 but not 18, are getting a criminal record. Also being put on the sex offenders register. It doesn't seem fair at all.
  • if there is anything wrong with anyone when this happens, it'd be with the guy and the girl. but there isnt anything wrong with it as long as theyre prepared for other people to have problems with it.
  • it honestly might show a maturity difference eventually. i'd be pissed if some man was around my 16 year old sister when he knows the laws where we live, and why can't he get a girl his own age? but then again if the parents are okay with it and he's a good guy and she's mature enough...well then good luck to the both of them
  • Well, assuming dating means just dating, then I don't think there's necessarily anything "wrong" with the guy. If this is the way he does things on a regular basis, then I might worry. It might be a sign that he's having trouble interacting with people of his own age group. Further, dating a 16 year old presents a significant power dichotomy. If he is consistently seeking relationships with this kind of dichotomy, then he will have trouble establishing a healthy relationship. Guys like being depended on, a bit, and that's normal, but the love of power leads to abuse. On the other hand, maybe he just likes her like a normal guy likes a normal girl. If he seems to be well adjusted, socially (interacts well with people his own age), then I wouldn't be too worried.
  • yes, and there is usually something wrong with the guy if that's the case
  • I would assume they have some kind of business with the girl if he is dating her. As for legal aspects, it's looked down upon in some states and in other 16 is the age of consent. Who knows. Personally I try to date girls that are around the range of things that I'm doing.
  • if they like eachother they like eachother, theres nothing wrong with that... it only seems taboo right now because of their ages, it does seem taboo if u said a 30yr old guy and a 26 yr old woman now does it?...
  • i think its discusting personally because really what is the 20 or 21 year old thinking? if he is a good honest boy who doesnt want to pressure her into anything then ok, but for most 20 or 21 year old males all they are looking for is a place to put their junk. i would know i am a 20 year old girl with alot of 20 and 21 year old guy friends.
  • No he doesn't, thats illegal anyways.
  • No! Its not right. Even if you like each other. Especially if you like the 14 year old girl. Its not right to rob her childhood for your own selfishness. If you really like her you would let her be and let her grow up.
  • Its not her age that society frowns on. I think people need to get past that. Its the MENTAL and EMOTIONAL state of a 14 year old. Of course a 24 year old girl and even a 36 year old guy would be fine with society. Its because a 14 year old just doesnt have the maturity to cope and be with someone whos 21 and has had the time to develop that maturity. Thats why I said its not right and not fair for the 14 year old. Girl, boy its all the same regardless of whos the elder.
  • No, and if they have sex he may go to jail.
  • yes 21 year old guy can date 16 year old girl if perents agree thets in USA but if terents do not know about thet thets a problam its shuld be 2 years different if they love each other i think they can wait till girl gats 18 but this life is not Romeo and Juleta many kids in USA thinking only having sex when they turn 16 guys in other cantryis the girls live without sex till they get marrid so i think u can wait till u get 18 its not big deal. 16 year ald girls have to think about school and hobbys not about sex its make you grow up faster and you can start think different thets why in this life no love only sex thet all think about. But if u do thet kined of steps slow u will get and love and funn the live gona be more interesting for you...i hope its gona halp some one!!!
  • I don't think its wrong at all.. I mean if they are together and love eachother why should anybody else have a problem w. It.... and about them having sex isn't that their personal life why should anybody have to judge a relasionship.. I mean its different if the girls not happy or if you know something is wrong w. The guy then that's a different story but I think if 2 people are inlove or love eachother let them be no matter the age difference or wat any body else says I would deffenietly know... & like they say age is nothing but a number
  • i like to watch 18 year olds finger eachother and im 60
  • He has a fetish for going to JAIL, maybe?!?
  • Whats wrong with this guy is that if sex is occuring, he is commiting rape. 16 is still a child and 21 is an adult.
  • i cant believe how fucking narrow-minded americans are... if your 40 and you have sex with a 10 year old.. THATS rape.
  • naah he is just a creep comitting a felony
  • Five years difference if you are under 18 is alright legally, however, anymore and that is considered to be stagitory rape (pardon my spelling). If she female of the relationship likes the man, then I see no problem as long as they both respect each others boundries.
    • Dokie
      As long as sex is not involved, there is no legal issues. If sex is involved, in most states the age of consent is usually 16 and teens 13, 14 and 15 can generally engage in sex if there is not too much of an age difference.
  • yes cause its illegal
    • Dokie
      Apparently you have no idea what you are talking about
  • Apparently I see a lot of people here have no idea what they are talking about. No, it is not wrong at all. If you guys love each other, be together! First, there is NO state in the US that regulates who you can or can not "date". The only thing that is regulated is sex. In almost all states (with some exceptions) the age of consent is 16 and most states also have so called "Close in age exemptions" or "Romeo and Juliet" laws that allows those under 16 to engage in sexual intercourse if there is not a large age gap. Ie. The age of consent in New Jersey is 16, however teens 13, 14 and 15 may legal have sex with a partner who is not more then 4 years older. The age of consent rises to 18 if the older individual is in a position of power, ie. pastor, coach, parents, older sibling, etc.
  • It takes two to tango, so how about a little of that precious equality the feminazis are always barking for?
    • Linda Joy
      I would find it disturbing for a 21 yo woman to be molesting a 16 year old child as well!
    • Franco333
      Good to hear, but I was referring to the responsibility of the underage gal that initiates sex with an older guy. I used to be quite the PUA, and am well familiar with Lolitas that would use fake IDs to get into a singles bar, get boozed up, and try to get laid. If the parents discover it, the gal gets grounded for a week, and the clueless guy gets 10 years in prison (and a lifetime sentence as a pervert). Feminazi 'equality' is so underwhelming.
  • Dating, or having sex? Dating, no. Having sex, yes, its wrong and its against the law. You can be put on the sex offender database and in some states there is no way to ever get off that database. If you truly love this child wait 'till they grow up and can make adult decisions. Its not o.k. for you to ruin their childhood and skew their love map before their brain has had a chance to fully develop!
    • Dokie
      It's not against the law. The age of consent in most US states and Canada IS 16.
  • No. In most states, 16 is the age of consent, and there's only a 5 year age difference. It's possible the guy is somewhat immature, because a 16-year-old is still very much a kid, an adolescent, whereas a 21-year-old is normally well on the way to full adult brain development. However, he could just be taking advantage of an immature girl for sexual reasons. I wouldn't allow my 16-year-old daughter to date a 21-year-old, but there's nothing abnormal about a 21-year-old's being attracted to a 16-year-old. In fact, there's nothing abnormal, as any psychiatrist will tell you, about a 60-year-old man finding a 16-year-old girl attractive. Such men are not pedophiles, because pedophiles are attracted to pre-pubescent children, not teenagers. It is entirely normal for a man to find a girl who has reached puberty attractive, even though we prohibit or disapprove of sexual relations between adults and teenagers for very good reasons. Psychiatrists do not consider such attractions to be abnormal unless they involve predatory and/or obsessive behavior.
  • Yes and yes.

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