• I think it is a silly habit and inconsiderate.
  • This is a free country, so many people forget that. If it's not against the law then they have the right to do so. It was at one time impossible to buy real US military uniforms and even weapons. Now....LOL...we sell anything to anybody. Although I agree, I will add that any wearing of US military issue uniforms and dog tags should be against the law and it should be enforced. You should have to earn those items by serving your country. Our servicemen should be held in the highest esteem. I remember when I came home after serving and was treated like a leper. I felt that our servicemen were not appreciated, it was post Vietnam and there was a lack of respect for the military. I could understand that but why take it out on someone who served their country? Just ignorance I guess. But as long as it's legal, it's OK with me.
  • Having been a member of 1 para the same as the screaming eagles...i once asked why this guy was wearing a fake dog tag...he noticed my aggrevation at this toy thing and left....i think we earned those things...people dont walk around with medals...there just milatary wannabes all the best jim
  • I have two sets of dog tags. One from when I served, and one set of actual tags from my late dog. If someone wants to wear dog tags, I have no problem with it. But it would be nice if they really understood what it means to wear them.
  • I think its rude and shows contempt for the people who did serve in the armed forces to me its ignorance.... the same as the fools who get tribal tattoos...they have no idea at all
  • I have a freebie tag (courtesty of the army recruing office). It doesnt bug me that people wear them if they know the meaning. Kid at school wore one because it was cool but also insulted all the military. Contridicated himself and got JROTC kids pissed off. Imagine getting your butt kicked by 30 cadets off school jobs after uniform day.
  • I don't have a problem with that. I just hope that they understand it's origin.
  • I think it looks ridiculous, just as I feel people who wear fatigues for fashion purposes look ridiculous.
  • i think its disgusting, people do not realise the real reason we have to wear them, maybe its time they woke up and relized we wear them for a reason, if somthing happened to us on operations thats the only way we can be recognised is by our dog tags, its high time that people relized this, its taking the poo in my eyes, for people to wear them.
  • When I was in the Army, I only wore dog tags: -During Basic Training (24 hours a day) -NOT During Advanced Training--Music School (unless we were doing an activity which REQUIRED their wearing, such as playing on a submarine) -When on Temporary Duty (TDY) -When riding a Deuce and a Half, Helicopter, or other Combat Vehicle -When Riding a Military Aircraft (my band often flew on C-130s and C-141s) While I realize this was technically breaking regulations, I never got in trouble for it. Now, I was one of the few who had a PINK dog tag, which meant I have a congenital problem which medical personnel should attend to before trying to guess. (I have an allergy to bee stings.) Luckily, the one time I got stung by a bee on duty, I was wearing my dog tags. But when I got to the hospital, they didn't look at it. (I nearly choked to death!) How do I feel about civilians wearing dog tags? I don't have any problem with the civilian dog tags (not intended for military use). If they are the real ones, they should have accurate information. I like the idea of having dog tags for civilians, if they can help medically. My dog tags looked like this: LONG BILLY J 57x-xx-xxxx (my Social Security Number) O POSITIVE BAPTIST The Pink Tag: ALLERGIC TO BEE STING.
  • I see it as a complement. They want to look like soldiers. It's a good form of ID though, in case those people's bodies are found somewhere.
  • they should be shot.....or at least taken to iraq to earn those dog tags!!! I'm not in the armed forces but my boyfriend is and is serving his time over seas right now!! and I wear his real dog tags until he comes home safe!! not because they're cool so to speak but because I'm proud of him and all the marines that fight beside him each and everyday over there!
  • I'm in high school right now (I'm 17 in January), and I wear dog times sometimes. To be clear off the bat, I don't wear them for fashion, or 'cause I think they look cool, or because I'm a military wannabe. It disturbs me to think that some people don't approve of that - especially veterans, and that's almost enough for me to stop wearing them. But I'll tell you why I do wear them: I respect the armed forces tremendously. I love those guys. I really do. I know they're the reason we're safe in our beds at night. My heart sinks whenever a soldier dies, and I get extremely angry when somebody insults what they're fighting for. I wear them because it's like my own personal tribute to the troops. (I wear them in proper regs, except SS number for now, just for security reasons, so just x's.) Anyway, that's why I think it's all right for civilians to wear them. As long as they know what it means to wear them, and not just for fashion or that other BS. ~ Matt, from VA
  • I've been in the military for 19 years. It is NOT illegal or inappropiate for civilians to wear dog tags. They are not "earned". They are a form of identification..nothing more. Two sets are worn, one around the neck and one on the boot encase your head gets blown off. Now what would really upset me would be the wearing of medals or rank. This is something the service member EARNED, and someone who did not earn it has NO business wearing it.
  • My boyfriend is in the army. I proudly wear his dog tags around my neck everyday. This to me is a symbol of the sacrifice he makes for his country, and serves as hope that he will always come home to me. But it's not just about him. When I look at them I think of all the men and women who have, past and present, who have made that very same sacrifice. Yesterday at work I had a waiter very rudely ask me "Why are YOU wearing dog tags?" He asked this in a tone I can only describe as hateful with a hint of disgust. I turned to face him and told him they were my boyfriends. He very condescendingly replies "You know THAT'S illegal??!?!" I quickly cut a pass towards the bathroom right before my eyes started to water. How could he say something like that? I don't if it was his rude tone, or his lack of respect...but it broke my heart. I think you should be able to wear dog tags no matter your status, civilian or military. It's not about a fashion statement or being cool. Its about showing love, respect, and support to ones in the military...loved ones or otherwise.
  • They're expressing the freedom I served to protect, so by all means - let them. Hell, I even find it a compliment. IMITATION is a form of flattery, no?
  • Poseurs.
  • I dislike it. But I do wear my Grandpa's on D-Day and Pearl Harbor Day. and Veterans Day and Memorial Day. my reason why I wear his puppies on those days because he is longer here to honor those days and his fallen Brothers and Sisters. I carry on for him. I did have a set made up for my little sister since she is minor does not have any photo ID In case she is grab or worst they can id her easy. they are real simple just name and address, blood type. In matter of fact I brought at a an Air show at the local ANGB. That was why they were selling them. for safe ID for Kids.

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