• I would imagine that he does. And plenty of other sex keyboards, a big sex drumkit, and an assortment of sex guitars.
  • Does God?
  • If you are talking about Lucifer, no angels do not have the same anatomy as humans. But He could appear in Human form then he would have sex organs of course.
  • I know he has sons. He encourages safe sex. I would imagine he enjoys sex.
  • I don't know, but his cheerleaders do!
  • Yes, Satan has genitals same as any other angel fallen or not. Angels came to earth and married and had children by their earthly wives. There are many instances in the Bible that indicate angels are very much like us or actually we them. There are books available on this subject.
  • Do animals have them?
  • Satan is a spirit creature. All spirit persons are sexless. They do not have bodies like humans. Although angels are presented in the Bible as males and have always materialized as males, there is no male or female distinction among them. They do not marry and reproduce their own kind. Moreover, angels did not first come into existence as humans on earth
  • Taking a look at the Bible's definition of how the angels appear how they use one set of their wings to cover their bodies. It must therefore be assumed that the angels are displaying modesty by covering their private areas. I would imagine that because God created us in all of the animals with sexual organs that angels have the equivalent in the spiritual body. Many of the paintings of Lucifer depict him as a strong young handsome man who is well endowed. And the time of Noah certain Angels left their place in heaven and came down to earth and took for themselves bodies and they had sex with whomever they pleased the Bible doesn't get too specific. But we can guess from all of the ancient legends that not only did the wicked angels have sex with women they had sex with men they had sex with animals and they even. Messed with the insects to create monster insects how they did that well. When you can change yourself into whatever you want to change yourself into that gives you an awful lot of different room for many different sexual experiences
  • He's all sex organ; one big prick!😅
  • They're called Democrats.
  • If there were a Satan, he probably would. In "Paradise Lost," Milton wrote that the angels have sex. Satan is supposedly a fallen angel.

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