• Funny, my unit DRC8320N is doing the same thing. After reading reviews on Amazon I guess I'm lucky this unit worked for about a year. I am hearing "firmware is toast"from reviewers. The RCA site does not even list this product. If RCA sold a license for thier name to a company in China they should factor in the damage products like this will do to the brand. RCA is off my list.
  • We have the same issue with our RCA DRC8320N DVD VCR Combo that we bought from Wal Mart in Salina, Kansas. It lasted about a year, and then the unit quit reading DVDs, the DVD drive door quit opening and closing, and then seemed to have some power issues. When powering up the unit, it would display on the tv screen "error message: Interface error...please turn off the power". I removed the DVD drive from the unit, and was actually able to play a VHS tape. When I replaced the DVD drive the unit totally rejected any attempt to play VHS tapes too. The tape will now not eject. The unit also tries to power, the shuts down ad tries to repower again. Upon a closer inspection of the unit, it appears that many components are laying over on the circuit boards due to excessive heat or power shortages. No wonder it doesn't work! RCA should have installed fans in these units like computers have, to keep an even air flow through them. I believe a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT would be justified for RCA's neglect to support the critical issues with this model. -mikehuntproducts in Lincoln Kansas
  • We have the same problem with this unit. We purchased our unit 3/7/07. We had only had the unit for 5 months when the DVD unit starting having audio difficulties (skipping during movies). Then a few months later, the DVD unit wouldn't even open up (as a matter of fact there's a DVD stuck in the unit now). At the first of this month (March 2008)the unit started displaying the "interface error" message, which would no go away no matter what we tried. We powered the unit off and now the unit will not power on or show any signs of even trying to power on. On 3/19/08 we called RCA and asked them what we could do to make the interface error message go away. We were quickly told there was nothing "we" could do to make the message go away, BUT RCA would repair it for us for approximately 130.00, and would I like for them to create a work ticket for me. I QUICKLY told them rather than pay another 130.00 on a year old unit, I would prefer to throw it in the garbage (once I get the DVD out that is..haha) and go purchase a different brand. After the RCA gentleman stuttered and stammered a few minutes, he quickly thanked me and hung up. My words of advice is to stay away from this unit. It has lots of issues and will only last you a few months before the "bugs" start showing themselves.
  • My neighbor gave me one of these and I recently tried to make it work. It was new still sealed in the box. After plugging in it reads "Hello" for a few seconds, then "Pls Wait" for several more seconds then assumes the normal power on status for a few seconds, then turns itself to the off/standby state - If You Are Lucky. Approximately 9 times out of 10 the unit sticks in the Pls Wait and never goes further. If my unit gets past the Pls Wait I must immediately open the DVD tray or it goes to the off state and never gets past the pls wait when I turn it back on. I spoke with the nice Indians (using the help number) and they assured me that it was a hardware problem. I completely dissassembled and reassembled the unit (I'm an electronics engineer). I found everything in perfect order including all components of the DVD tray. The problem (IMHO ) is in the software, more specifically in the DVD polling portion of the software. I can't find any evidence of this unit being capable of being user reflashed; so, I have run out of time. A pity because when it works it works great. I burned some VC's to DVD and it worked great.

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