• When my sister was 5 she said if i want to accomplish anything i should turn off the nintendo
  • a: WILL YOU PLAY W/ ME!? and og course my anwer is ALWAYS not right now, but i will later! haha
  • two of my children at work were fighting and in the end one of my boys said "let's just apologize and just be friends" =) if only it were that simple
  • I don't know anything about me but a little girl corrected lyrics to a song that my friend was singin wrongly lol
  • After less than 2 months of martial arts training, one of my 4 year old students commented that the various stances I was showing them could be used both as a defense and as an attack, just by stepping from one stance into another ... they had not yet even gotten to blocks & strikes, they were still only learning exercises and stances ... I asked her to explain and she showed me by stepping between and through four different stances ... she was shocked when I smiled, knelt in front of her and bowed deeply, telling her she had just grasped a concept far more advanced than was expected of her, and that at that rate, she would become a grande master while still at a young age.
  • And I quote, "Dad, you are totally gay."
  • "Mommy, you have to quit smoking because my teacher told me that it turns your lungs all black and will make you sick." - my 3 YO (at the time) PS You don't have much choice when your child says these words to you, so I did!

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