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  • No. 30 year old...YES.
  • No, if so...count me in (((searches for the end of the line)))
  • I have a one-word definition for a 20 year old in this situation............... LEECH, a person who sponges off other people, like his or her parents. The only exception would be a student, attending a local college or university to save money. This person still can obtain a part-time job to pay his parents for living quarters.
  • I need more detail. Simply living at home is not a problem, but no job, not in school? How about...Mom sets out clothing daily and does all the laundry, cooking and cleaning? Could be very unattractive.
  • Depends on the situation. I have relatives who are around 20 and still living at home while they take classes and go to school. They may not pay rent but they definitely contribute to helping the family. On the other hand, if the 20 year old was working and just living at home to take advantage of their parents, if there Mom still cleans up after them and does their laundry, I would think that's a problem.
  • In the US maybe but I don't see why. But in Mexico my cousins all lived at home until they were married. I don't understand why families in the US have to split up so early. Family is healthy.
  • not if they're working and going to college and still a part of the family nd not jus some person that lives there but doesn't contribute to the family
  • I think most 20 year old live at home or in a college dorm. I would not worry about it.
  • I lived with my family until I was 27. (I was in college most of the time) My future wife never held that against me. She was through circumstances having to live with her parents. It is now a memory. It didn't turn either one of us off. The real issue is the reasons for still being with parents.
  • I think is alright, 20 years is still young. I just hope the person is working or going to school.
  • Its only unattractive in certain situations like noted above. If this question is mainly pertaining to dating, it may be a little more difficult to escalate thing with the significant other if you live in your parents flat. Catch 22. Live at home, save money, POSSIBLY get less nookie Or. Struggle away from home, lack money, POSSIBLY get more nookie.
  • Borderline - just.
  • I don't see the big deal, as long as he/she was working or going to school or something, and not just mooching.
  • That's not old. You might pay rent to your parents though. I was 27 when I moved out and I know I saved a LOT of money moving out that late.
  • depends - if you're studying then defo no. save so much money by living at home which means essentially you can get your own place sooner coz you don't have a student loan to pay off once you start your career. if you're doing it out of pure laziness where you have a full time job and your mum still does everything for you then yes.
  • at 20, no. but get an education or have a job and save your money. that is a turn on for when you do get your own place. it shows the girls or guys that you can and do follow through and plan ahead.
  • It is a turn off and it is unattractive HOWEVER - If the 20 year old is pulling his weight and paying for his stay that is different. But who wants to "be quiet" because the parents are sleeping? That I would find very uneasy for any guest you may have at your parents house.
  • I have siblings who are over 20 who still live here and quite honestly, I do not blame them. Having my family around is awesome. I don't judge people who live with their parents. There could be a reason. As long as they are helping out with chores around the house, then I REALLY don't see a problem. 20 is a young age still. It's not that old. What I do find unattractive, however, is a person who moves out to prove he or she is independent by collecting welfare and not even getting a real job even though he or she is capable of getting one.
  • Frankly it is laughable
  • Not to me. I lived with my parents until I was 27 because I was saving up to make a down payment on a house. Now I have my own house and it's paid for which is a better for me than making never ending rent payments to live in somebody else's place.
  • Depends where you live....20 is still very young and in the UK being able to afford somewhere to live is the biggest problem even if you are working....some cities the rent is ridiculous!
  • It more of a trun on for me. I'm serously intrested in someone who still lives with their parent . 5th year in university but they saving themselves alot of money. They don't rely on their perents for everything and if they did, turn off. Your luandry is your problem. Don't take advantage of the situation. If your parents are content with it, then you should be too. You have ur reasons why your still with them ,If their valid, then screw what ur friends say.
  • Can be tough if you want an over nite guest
  • I think it depends why they're still living w/ parents. Generally, I would be turned off by this, but I haven't dated 20 year olds since I was 15 and living at home myself.
  • As with everything.... this is a rapidly changing ideal. Back in the days, it was not so good, but with cost of living increasing, and the wages not keeping up with it, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this nowadays. It's a smart decision. Why NOT stay home, and save money for a house, or while you're finishing your education?
  • Only if s/he is spending their days playing wii and not going to school or working.
  • 20 years...not that bad. I lived at home until i was 22. after that it gets pretty bad. i'd say 22 should be the cut off unless you are in school.
  • Living with the parents in the early twenties is no big deal, at least, from the perspective of a guy from Etobicoke Toronto. It depends on whatever culture you come from. I've known plenty of normal people who lived at home in their early twenties and lived perfectly normal dating lives. BUT, people in Toronto from my experience tend to not to make a big stink. Americans may have a different cultural perception.
  • It seems to be very common so I would not consider it a negative thing at all.
  • Neither. There's nothing wrong with young people living with their parents if they have something good going for themselves.
  • I dunno about that. Been searching the internet for some time, found a bunch of 20 odd year olds complain about parents being too protective, too this, too that, telling what the rules are, etc.etc. I'm finding it hard to hear the parent's side. I have a 20 year old living in my home. I love him to bits. He recently finished 12th grade(at 20 and I'm proud of him finishing!). My house rules are not smoking in the house. Every so often I have to remind him of it. Not becaue I'm paranoic, but because the smell is awful, and that of pot even more. His friends are more important than anything, even if I have to wash the dishes after their visits, and smell up the rest..............Goes for the pot as well, I hate it being done on my property, but I'm old fashioned, so who am I? He comes home, sometimes..........and sometimes says 8 o'clock and then comes home at 2, without calling or explanation. I have to be OK with that. He had a few jobs somewhere between all of this, most of them he quitted after 3 months and one of them he lost after 2. Goes out until 2, sleeps until 2, then dunno what, then (if I nag) cooks the food which he is supposed to for his roof and food (he actually does a great job when he does cook). He needs to clean the house once a week for his food as well, but if I don't nag it doens't get done, and when it gets done it is rather half....... He gets depressed when he has to search for a job more than one day in a row..........WHAT????????? Anyone out there know what I'm talking about? Any positive ideas? Kids, when you live with your parents, think about the other side too. They might be just as unhappy to live with you than you with them. Think about how you can make it work rather than think about how you feel. What do I do?????
  • Being 20 is not bad. If you were 25 or older and living with your parents (without a really good reason like being in college or a disability or financial reasons), I would wonder about them.
  • Not these days. The way things are going, people are going to have to start sharing accomodations, not just for money, but possibly for protection and support if the shit hits the fan. My sons could live with me forever if they wanted to, even though they are adults and don't need to. We enjoy each others company, and help each other out financially and with household chores. I love it!
  • No as long as you are going to school I think. I working hard to get through college. I mean if you are working your min wage job part time while not going to school yeah that might be a problem.
  • ii dont really think its a turn off or unattractive its all depended upon hw one person is and how is his personality :)
  • i was on my own 3 yrs before 20; but the point is are u doing something? ru going to school/// or helping with a family problem or are u just chillin .... the first one is okay,the 2nd one is a turnoff

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