• Its fine, but remember it is against the law to have a sexual relationship with him. (Just for your safety). Its totally ok because you are BOTH very young. It might seem like you are a lot older but really its not a big difference. Just remember, be very kind to each other. When you have a relationship at this young age the memories will follow you forever. You could make this a very nice romantic friendship until he is older. Don't worry, its only a few years. Enjoy each other and good luck! :-D
  • i also want to add that, we do not have sex. also that we do not see each other often. but we keep in touch.we are a bit long distance.
  • i think this is ok, as you are not having sex
  • I think its okay,If you guys are truely in love there shouldn't be a problem with it. Unless you were having sex but you just said you don't so yes I think its okay. :]
  • There's nothing wrong with this - just so long as his parents are comfortable with the idea.
  • there is nothing wrong with being in love with a 15yr old im 17 and dating a 15yr old guy, although u cant have sexual relations with him cuz u can go to jail for a while
  • Just as long as his parents are aware of this relationship .... You know that 15 will get ya' 20 ; so keep everything zipped and you guys should be ok ... Good Luck !!
  • It's against the law to have sex with him, but being in love isn't a crime. just don't have sex and you're good to go. i think it's very sweet. :) good luck.
  • Love is love... period. Just as they say, love is blind, this also apply to age. love knows no numbers
  • I believe you're fine as long it's not a physical relationship beyond hand-holding and hugging. Nor are you engaging in sexual or suggestively sexual conversations whether it be via email, text etc...since it IS a felony known as 'statutory rape' for a legal adult to have a sexual relationship with a minor regardless of consent. There is, however, no law against a legal adult enjoying the casual company of an unrelated minor or casually communicating with one via text or the internet. Though it can be considered inappropriate from opinion's perspective. Nonetheless please still have the consent of the parent(s)/guardian(s). It'll help to keep you out of trouble and is just respectful. Depending on where you are, the legal age of consent might be 17 so you may only have a year's wait. Don't ever feel guilty for falling in love, you don't choose love, it chooses you and it follows no rules nor is it considerate. Unless it's with a prepubescent child, that's always predatory and sick.

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