• Grandma Rose. Grandpa OB. Uncle Gene. Uncle Artie. R.I.P Sorry, I forgot Tabitha. Our old lab. Oh, I'll miss her forever.
  • Lord Admiral Nelson, my first dog and namesake. Murray, a cat that was quite the Mommy's boy. Midnight, a cat that clung to me and loved creamed corn. Teddy, a diabetic cat that needed shots twice a day. Morris, the cat that was jealous of my wife and I, he hated me. The litter of foster kittens that we had that had distemper, no names.
  • Matisse Duncan Mousie Lucille Beanie... and.... Jason
  • Grandma Vella Cousin Tearsa Uncle Nick Aunt Docia Uncle Kenny Garrett (a friend)
  • This is for all of the angels in heaven watching over us. :o)
  • All my grandparents parents 1 uncle 3 aunts 2 dogs numerous cats numerous Gold Fish A couple of Gerbils 1 mouse 1 Squirrel accumlated over 46 years, although I have lost friends and aquaintences as well, probably around 15.
  • Great Uncle Russell Grandpa Lloyd The cat I grew up with: Tabby My dog Sandy's pups. They did not survive birth. Sandy in a separate incident.
  • All my grandparents (2 were gone before I was born). My Aunt Renee. And then in 2007: My dad :( and 2 cats, Minnie and Patch. It was a bad year...
  • My mother (just passed last month) My father My grandparents on both sides and all other members of my family, too many to name. May they all Rest In Peace xxx
  • Mom & Dad Meme & Pepe - Mom's parents Dad's were gone before I was born My brother at 17 Aunts and Uncles - 5 each Too many friends to list And too many pets too
  • My Mother~ Catherine Lucille.My sister~Nan. My Grams & Pops~Anne&Amos.And my baby Daughter~Lilly. And thank-you for this!
  • My cat Marvin a couple years ago hurt.
  • Gosh.... reading all the answers kind of brought me down (losing friends and family). So I pointed you all up in hopes that would cheer me and y'all up a bit. No consolation, I know. For me: both parents both step-parent both MIL and FIL two BIL and my three best friends. Oh, and numerous pets. Funny how attached we get to those little furry things, isn't it.... Thoughts and prayers 4.U.all, OK? :)
  • Both my step dad and biological dad, along with my cockney nan, i miss them :(
  • My dog Madison.
  • My DAD (I was 10) Grandparents (between ages 3 an 19) pet chicken Nancy James Very sppecial and dear exBF turned Best Friend Tani my dog Rusty my 15 yo cat Rocket, my long hair dair devil child-cat SunBun another cat Tiger Lily, Princess, Lucky, Mamma Kitty, Bigboy, Baby Girl, Blackie, Peaches, Furball, GrayKitty (my cats over the years...) Many of my very special "old folks" over many years of my nursing career 4 of my favorite Day Program clients (Psych/Addictions Recovery) My old dealer James' Dad (suicide) That's all of the ones that came to mind. Thanks for asking. They all go through mind at one time or another. Why the question? Are you OK? Have you lost someone recently?
  • My grandmother, who raised me as her own, and loved me no matter what----(02/05/33-12/18/06) My grandfather, who I never got a chance to say goodbye to and could fix anything from a broken bicycle to a broken heart----(12/17/30-09/04/93) My Best Childhood Friend, my faithful dog who was always on my side---(4/19/82-12/13/96) **several friends along the way who touched my life in various ways and who I wish I still had by my side** Your flame on earth may have flickered out, but you will forever remain a part of me without a doubt.
  • 2 cats 3 dogs 1 grandfather 1 step-grandfather 1 step-grandmother 1 uncle a very sweet and touching question. any reason why?

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