• I wouldn't comment on the person because, if your friend has feelings for them then they won't listen anyway and will probabley make them more keen too proof you wrong, ending in them possibly staying in a relationship for longer than they maybe would have before me saying anything.
  • One wouldn't have that friend for very long if they told them like it is in that situation. The best one can do is to, instead of insulting the person the friend is with, just give advice that leads the friend away from him/her.
  • Personally,I tell it like it is point blank. Some people may not like or appreciate that, but, I do it nonetheless. My best friend married a gal years ago and had asked me what I thought about her first. I told him straight up !! He married her anyway.They were married a while, had a kid, divorced. She's been married four or five times since and shacked up with several different men and is now addicted to meth. Sometimes love is blind and they may not take your advice, but, I'm always going to tell them what I think reguardless. I owe them the truth ! He tried to warn me too when I married at 19 and was divorced in less than a year. Actually, He and everyone else tried to warn me ! Luckily I had no children from that relationship .
  • I would tell it like it is. If the friend doesn't want to here it then she will avoid the subject and I would respect that.
  • I would show support cause its my friend's decision to make not mine.
  • If you value your friendship you keep your opinions to yourself. You just support them. If they love a person you attack you will become the badguy.
  • If they are truly my friend i well tell them how i feel about the person that they are seeing. Cause if it is me i what to know what people think of me when i am seeing someone cause they can see stuff that i cannot see. So it is the best thing to tell people the truth and make sure that you tell them the same
  • just tell him to ditch that guy.
  • I try to show support.
  • If my friend is fully aware of the persons character I would let it be and not upset them with my negative feelings/comments about them. If I felt they were not fully aware, I would talk to them about it and ask them to be careful :)
  • I will support, unless my friend is being dragged down, then I will say something.
  • Tell it like it is. But don't stop being their friend over it. That is when they need you the most.
  • If asked i will say it like it is

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