• often...
  • I have viewed the sky on a clear night and observed how beautiful Canis Major looks following Orion westward along the sky. And how beautiful Gemini and Arigua look next to each other. How beautiful that when Cassiopeia starts to hide and decline the Big Dipper starts to show up and rise. WOW, that sounds poetic.
  • Yes out west in wide open desert. WOW!!!!!!!
  • you cant beat the view of the sky from somewhere completely in the middle of knowhere, the australien outback is one i remember until that point i never realised there were so many stars in the sky, light pollution is so depressing
  • I love to go outside on a cold clear winter night and look at the stars. I do feel more inspired and part of something greater than myself rather than insignificant, though. I'm fascinated by knowing that when we look at the stars, we see them as they were millions of years ago because it takes that long for their light to reach Planet Earth.
  • What do you mean insignificant?? In all that vast space, all the galaxies and cosmos out there, life is so very rare and precious. So it's absolutely astounding that life could take hold in just a small corner of one solar system. What if Earth was perhaps the only planet where life accidentally started up? As life spreads, our evolution and future migration across the stars may be the most significant thing that happens in the entire universe! We may eventually become responsible for all these stars waking up and experiencing conscious, intelligent life forms throughout the cosmos. We are amazingly lucky to be alive at all, and with such an awesomely significant responsibility.
  • oh yeh, lying there in the open paddocks looking up at those stars, with no one else around for miles! yep, plenty of thoughts come into my mind, wondering about what's up there :)
  • Are you kidding? Every since I was a small child I've known I was a blip in this place <explains my complexes!> and now I've got a telescope, it's worse! But it's so beautiful out there... :)
  • No, but once away from urban light pollution I realise the enormous beauty of the cosmos.
  • If you believe in God as a creator, this view might make you feel very significant. Along with the innumerable stars in the cosmos, he chose to also create you.
  • Yes i have many times. I just turned 60 today and in all those short years i have yet to find the answers i would most like answered but along the way i have stumbled on a few good ideas!..:)Such as " I'm just hanging, on while this old world keeps spinning and it wouldn't mean a thing if i let go." So I'm just going to enjoy this ride till it's done!..:)
  • Constantly. And this is one of the best questions I've ever read. It's just beautiful and silent and it makes my heart hurt in a good way. I feel the same when I look at the ocean. I like to swim far out and then turn so I can't see the beach anymore. It feels endless. Inspiring. Just...ah.
  • O yes! In Sept 04 when Hurricane Ivan hit Florida there was a widespread blackout for nearly all of Pensacola. Since there was no type of air conditioning everybody was sleeping outside on mattresses. (not to mention the smell of mold an stagnant water inside everywhere) I have never seen a shooting star in my life before those nights and then I saw many! It was amazing! I just wished to be closer somehow.
  • We are insignificant if you realize it's unlikely we are the only ones who think like that. Sounds pretentious.
  • I do so every clear night. And I have yet to come to a description of how small we really are. It makes me feel very alone, but it reminds me that my problems are also indescribably small. Every time I look out there though, I wonder if someone is looking back. And it excites me to be a part of such a HUGE universe. And it makes me appreciate God's uber hugeness and power. It's all very humbling and inspiring and is the best way I have found to pass the time.
  • Small in the overall scheme of things...but insignificant never....Just the placement of the earth within our galaxy, we are protected from a lot. But I know what you are is very humbling...very.
  • Lots of time, but I don't feel myself insignificant when I do that. I feel really small, to be sure, but mostly I get a feeling of wonder that there's something (me/us) who can look at all of it and realize how beautiful it is. Sometimes I wonder whether that's why we're here. Because we have the capability to appreciate it all.

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