• could be. I personally am more attracted to redheads than blondes.
  • Maybe it's how the colour makes you feel, and you project that? If you like your hair the dark brown colour, maybe you feel confident and you project that? It's never been "all men prefer blondes", just "men prefer blondes" anywayz ;) I think it's the self confidence that draws people, not the hair colour itself :)
  • I prefer anything but blondes.
  • pretty girls are pretty,ugly girls are matter what color their hairs are or what race were they come from..
  • Maybe the brown hair just looks better on you.
  • I like red heads and brunettes more than blondes, even though it is only a hair colour. Maybe it's the personality and attitude that goes with it that is more important.
  • i find redheads most atractive
  • I like natural red hair is much more exquisite than brunette or blonde.
  • Brunettes are definitely better. Different attitude and everything with different hair colours.
  • The light brown probably looks much more natural on your skin tone. No offence but 90% of girls that dye their hair blonde, you can tell. Blonde doesnt suit every skin tone or complexion. Light brown is alot closer to red.
  • I prefer natural redheads to any other type. If I were to meet you and we started dating I would politely ask that you let it come back to how it is naturally.
  • honestly...all that 'men prefer this, men prefer that...' stuff is all crap. of course some do. but some dont. i dont think that even the majority necessarily prefer blondes! everyone is different! also, i am naturally dark goldeny blonde and i dye my hair dark all the time! i have been platinum blonde, all shades of red, purple, brown and black and to tell you the truth i get most attention with red hair or dark hair =o) ppl that think there is one better colour that most ppl prefer are just lame. ppl always say 'omg why do you dye your hair dark when you're blonde?!' its so stupid! who said blonde was better! i dyed my hair red today (like a vibrant orangey red) and im hoping i get aksed 'are you a real red head?' cuz i am sick of ppl asking 'are you a real blonde?' to ppl insinuating that blonde (esp. natural blonde) is better! its so lame and closed minded! if your dark people just accept that you must be naturally dark, like no one would ever dye their hair dark! ugh stupid! i prefer it dark, or red! do what feels good for you! you will only attract ppl who are also into what you like!

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