• I'd consider renting a hotel room for a few weeks and meanwhile ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your house and see if anyone looking like your ex drops by. May not be a bad idea to be proactive and get a stun gun or mace or some other personal defense type of item as well as a last resort. Probably would also be good to sign up for a home security service so that any intrusions would trigger an alarm and get the police sent over right away.
  • Call the police now and ask them for advice and help. If he is a fugitive, they will be interested in getting him back into jail as soon as possible. The police may also be able to get you into contact with a women's shelter where you can be safe until they catch him. Prayers for you and good luck.
  • First of all I'd try to get a room somewhere or stay with a friend. If you can't afford to get a room, find out if there are any options where you could get a room paid for for you. Some agency must do something like that. Also, when my ex-husband broke out of a mental institution there was a cop sitting outside my mother's house for several days without us even asking. (I lived in another state at the time, but the ex didn't know that) Do you know any men who would be willing to stay at your home? Do you have a dog, or is it possible to go to the pound and find something with a nice bark? Can you make a head and stuff some men's clothes and move it around the house periodically to make it look like there's a man there? (sit it at the table, on the couch, etc) Can you get someone to install some motion detector lights around your home? Home alarm? Even those cheapy alarms that you stick on your doors and windows and they go off when the magnetic connection is broken...those really do work. At least until you can get a real alarm system installed. (or if you can't afford it) Put noisy stuff by the doors/windows that will make a lot of noise when the door is opened or someone comes through a window (pots and pans, etc). put sticks in the windows so they can't be opened (cut to fit broom handles work great) make sure bushes are trimmed down so nobody can hide behind them. make sure to lock the car door immediately when you get in. (house doors, too) I know a lot of this is little stuff, but it can help! Oh, go to a gun store or sporting goods store and get a can of mace, and get one of those things that when you press the button it makes a really loud noise. Good luck!
  • Hey Mimi I hope this isn't you...I would move for a while I think...surround myself with family and friends. I would also take a crash course in self defence and make sure my house had all mod con securities fitted....a big dog on steriods with razor sharp teeth might be on my list too x
  • Thanks for this Mimi. I love ya. I have no spare cash for hotels. I just moved here to get away from the jerk (before they caught him the first time) and now the people who arrested him the first time thought it was a good idea to post my address here on the net, and he of course saw it. I'm basically waiting for the crap to hit the fan. I have managed to get the kids situated with a friend until this gets resolved in the mean time I get to once again play bait for a psycho. I'm more angry that this is happening again than anything else. I just got really upset when I first found out because I was blindsided by it. Now I'm ready to fight. Did I mention I was pissed.
  • Get yourself somewhere, anywhere, that he cannot trace. Get a gun. Learn how to protect yourself. You cannot depend on law enforcement to care about you as much as you do. Too many people have been slaughtered by trusting their lives to someone else. This is your life, your kids. Act as if. Don't play victim any longer. Fear of him will kill you.

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