• Yes and Yes
  • How interesting, do tell me more :-)
  • I've done it to several people at school, and I realize girls notice it more than guys. Guys would just keep on talking and talking, girls, would usually stop and ask if I'm bored. It's pretty embarrassing.
  • No. If I get tired of the subject, I either change the subject or leave the conversation. If anyone's ever done that to me, they did it unnoticeably.
  • Yes, I had that problem with my grandmother on my father's side. She would talk and talk to me for hours without end and I did not know how to get away from it. It was very painful.
  • Yes. My friend. When I start talking to him he just doesn't say word and I keep right on talking. He will even fall asleep too.
  • My sister talks on the phone. Nonstop. Both my mother and I have actually fallen asleep on the phone, listening to her. An occasional mm hmm, ok, and yes, is all that is needed.
  • I have been there and probably has been done to me.
  • Yes, and most probably. I apologize for being a bore and change the subject then.
  • hehe my sister and i do that to each other when we ramble on sometimes - never intentionally rude or hurtful. sometimes because i pick up the phone even at 4 in the morning i fall asleep when a friend's telling me something. but then again they do it to me. the next day we tell each other if it's important. if it's not then there's no reason for us to be upset about it anyways [that's just how we are, my mom would go ballistic if i did that to her tho...]
  • That's nice dear! What? Yes, I have done it. Yes, it has been done to me. Neither one is much fun.
  • Though I never completely ignore someone, I will sometimes give a subpar response because I'm not interested enough to think of a good one. My mother also does this to me, but she really lets me know it.

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