• Get one of those cleaning DVDS.
  • It won't even recognize the cleaning CD that we tried too.
  • Buy some pressurized air, you can get it from most computer shops to clean keyboards ect. Use it in the dvd player (open tray and spray it in and around) then try the cleaning disc again.
  • It will be the laser in your dvd playes if it wont recognise anything then if you still have warranty if not sorry i think your stuffed. had same probs wid ps3 but we reset the whole thing so if there is a master rest button on your system give it a try, for ps3 it was hold down the on/off button for about 10-15secs then it reset completely so give it a shot otherwise i think your stuffed.
  • our carriage with the laser eye was pushed all the way to the back We pushed it forward manually and it works fine

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