• Yes, I have. At today's prices who can afford to take the hit on spoiled food? I recently took back a bag of expensive tangerines/mandarins. They looked good but some were rotten and ALL had been freeze damaged. The manager was more than happy to refund my money when he got a look at what they had stocked and sold me.
  • My word. I opened UHT milk once and it was curdled. I took it back, got it replaced and put in a complaint. The company sent me a huge box of stuff.
  • Yes bought a block of cheese from Asda once and when i got home it was mouldy so i took it back.
  • Yes, a few times.Sometime I would buy a wrong one or I may later feel its not required.So I would return it and get something else or I can even get cash back.
  • Yes, several times. Meat that's the wrong color and smell when you open it up. Chocolate that had rancid nuts. A huge watermelon that was rotten on the inside. Cereal or flour that had bugs. And more and more.....
  • I have, but mostly produce that was bad. Sometimes it's so hard to tell that there is bad produce in those containers or plastic wrap. Lots of bad berries and they are expensive!
  • Yes, if the food is bad I take it back, particulary produce. Sometime the way they package it now, what you can see of it looks great, but you open it up and it is spoiled in the middle.
  • yes. i bought a bag of reese's once, and when i got home, i realized that there was a tear in the bag, so i returned them.
  • Yes. There was a woman in Customer Service at the main store where I shopped who would give me a hard time about returning bad stuff. I don't know why she kept it up, she always wound up giving me the refund anyway.
  • No. It doesn't seem worth the trouble since food is just so cheap in the US
  • Yes, oh, gawd, yes! The wife bought a carton of eggs once that nearly hatched on the way home. I took 'em right back and they had to give me the money
  • yes - I brought some cheese back once - it was not a blue cheese, but was covered in mould!
  • Yes quite a few times as it had mould on it.
  • Yes, I have...rare, though. I almost always shop at Publix, and they're over-priced on most everything. They take the product questions asked...and with a cordial smile. At their prices, I figure they can eat the cost. If it's bad, it's bad...why should I suck up the 4-5 bucks?!? :-)
  • Once home I noticed that the item was out of date when I returned to the store to get another one I discovered that they were ALL out of date. This is only one of many incidents.

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