• Most definitely. Political correctness seeks to eliminate speech that a certain group of people find offensive. The real problem with it is that the people who push for it are mostly from one side of the ideological spectrum and much of what they find offensive is speech that disagrees with their ideology. So, they use political correctness as a tool to suppress opposition to their point of view. Despite their claims to the contrary, this does not promote freedom of speech. It suppresses it.
  • Not at all. "Freedom of speech" does not include, and has never included, speech meant to harm others. This includes not only the famous "yelling Fire! in a crowded theater" example, but hate speech. Hate Speech is intended only to foment violence against its victims, or defame them. When this speech leads to violent actions, as so often happens, penalties should ensue. I've never seen respecting others as important and equal as "political correctness," other than it is always correct to be considerate and inclusive.
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      There is no protection in the first amendment against being offended.
  • Yes, if the PC is pervasive enough in the particular case that there are repercussions for a remark that would have been unremarkable 30 years ago.
  • Not necessarily. I think anything can be said in truth with tact. I don't think PC has to hamper Freedom of Speech, but then again, as an atheist that is a gay man, I have a license to speak volumes more than most people on any given topic.
  • Yes. Just look at the words people use to describe those who disagree. "Hater", "Bigot", "Closed-Minded". These labels are tossed around by the PC crowd in an attempt to stiffle opposing points of view. I have never used these words to describe those I disagree with, However I have been called these names for simply stating my views.
  • I believe that freedom of speech is being stripped away due to the government and political control as to what we can say or not say. What right do they have in telling us that we can't say certain things on the internet or any where else for that matter? I am disgusted with the way our constitution is being altered or stripped from us.
  • no not hampered at all... bloody well STRANGLED!!!!... all its done is breed a generation of thinskinned wusses who are sooo sensitive they are petrified of hearing the truth so they hide behind it and are scared shitless of being an individual they are more than happy to accept being called a person and being portrayed exactly the same as everyone else
  • Yes I do. Freedom of speech is the freedom to say anything you want. I don't personally use hate speech but where do you draw the line? Its getting ridiculous. I'm not short- I'm vertically challenged. The person who delivers your mail is a mail person. Some women have gone so far as to purposefully misspell words such as Wymen. People have gotten so sensitive you can offend someone in normal conversation without wanting to or meaning to.
  • Yes. Look around to college campuses where you can't mention phrases or words because someone might be offended! I believe PC has hit a wall and we are seeing a decline in the effort to change the way we talk and think.
  • I don't think freedom of speech is hampered because freedom of speech has and should have limitations. The freedoms we have are not and can not be absolute because absolute freedom for one means the rights of another may be infringed. Hate speech and discrimination shouldn't be tolerated. I do think we have gone a little too far, I mean there has to be a reasonable middle ground. This whole not saying Merry Christmas debacle is beyond foolish to me, and I don't celebrate Christmas because I'm Muslim but my non-Muslim friends wish me Eid Mubarak and I wish them Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukah.
  • No; however, I do think that it is being hampered by politics. Now days there is NO correctness to politics!!! 😖
  • I don't know of anything political that is correct. The government needs to get its nose out of our freedoms!
  • Freedom of speech and political correctness can't exist in the same society. Political correctness is censorship.
  • No, I don't know that; what I do know is that people who rail against "political correctness" are the first to cry foul when someone uses their own freedom of speech to oppose them so I generally equate people who have a problem with "political correctness" with people who don't actually believe in freedom of speech for anyone but themselves.
  • Absolbloodylutely! Political correctness has become so out of hand, it is intolerant to freedom of speech, it's become a duct tape to pointing out the obvious.
  • I'm sure this is an old question, but the most important thing to think about here is context. Freedom of Speech is the guarantee that the government will not punish a person for stating their opinion. Political Correctness is choosing your words carefully so as not to offend other people unnecessarily. If you think that someone getting offended over your habit of speaking to them like you are a jerk is equivalent to the punishment of hefty fines or prison sentences imposed by the government, then I would conclude that you might need to look within yourself for the solution to your own troubles, and use a lens of honesty.

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