• Actually, the answer to both questions is the same: Irfanview. Most photo-enhancing software has a fairly steep learning curve because it's not just for photo enhancement, but part of a full-blown graphics program. Irfanview is primarily for photo enhancement and manipulation, eliminating the need to learn a complex computer graphics program just so you can work with your photos. Highly touted by many users and reviewers, this wonderful program is absolutely free. It just doesn't get any better. You can find the main site at and follow links to reputable download sites. It's not bundled with any adware, spyware, or crudware, and is easily installed.
  • It also depends on what degree of photo enhancing you want to do. Irfanview is great for simple edits, but Photoshop it is not. However, a free program (and part of GNU Linux) that compares to Photoshop is Gimp.
  • If all you want to do is basic minor tweaks, I find Picasa from to be the easiest, most user-friendly program of this type, and it's FREE!!! While Irfanview is good, I found that it just didn't work well for me. I personally believe that XnView ( is just as viable, but the image editing abilities are not exactly user-friendly nor as numerous, especially compared to Picasa. However, Irfanview versus XnView is more a matter of personal preference than of merit and neither can match Picasa on the user-friendliness front.
  • I would perhaps suggest you start with a free program for beginners then move up when you outgrow it, most people start up with irfanview, the gimp and Picasa. I always suggest Picasa to everyone as it is the simplest of the lot, it's free and very user frindly you can get it from here:

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