• I have always been an atheist.
  • I was raised around religion, but I can't truthfully say I ever actually believed.
  • I was never a believer.
  • Oddly enough, the time I was most religious is when I was a kid and I thought the Devil was gonna get me (after watching the Exorcist). Eventually God and the Devil went the way of Santa and the Easter Bunny for me EDIT: As far as being brought up around it, my stepfather's side of the family is catholic. I remember them trying to guilt me into going to church, like I was being bad when I didn't want to. It's just not for kids man, church is boring when there's Tranformers and G.I. Joe going on elsewhere in the world. They didn't really force me, but I wasn't into it, and that never changed
  • I had Catholisism shoved down my throat down at primary school but it didn't mean I believe per se'. Just that if somebody asked "How was Earth created?" I'd simply say "God?". But then when I turned 12 I listened to my mum and her words of wisodom. She didn't "convert" me to Athesism I asked what she believed and why and it all made sense to me. More sense to me than 'God' does.
  • Always been an atheist. I once tried to believe (I used to be a mess) but it just doesn't make sense.
  • I've always been Agnostic.
  • There's sometimes a tiny part of me that thinks maybe there's something more important than us, I don't mean the Christian God or anything, but there's no evidence. An atheist shouldn't have to explain their atheism, as the burden of proof is NOT on us.
  • I suppose I sort of believed when I went to Catholic school, but at around 9 I figured out the game for myself. Of course, this was a full 4 years after formally rejecting Santa Claus, but I was pretty surrounded by religion in my early years. I realized how people perpetuating and reinventing myth could easily give rise to such a large movement as a major religion, and the fact that it was large and widely believed had no bearing on how valid it was. The church had books and beliefs, and nothing more. That just didn't do it for me. I was too interested in what was real, not what was comforting.
  • There have been periods in my life where i wanted there to be a god and times I actually envied religions for the phony comfort people claimed to get from it. There were even times i believed in it, but they were always brief and there has always been enough doubt in my mind to nullify any claims that any Christians ever had on me. Now the only comfort i see them having is the same comfort a kid gets when he thinks Santa Clause is looking over him from the north pole which is delusional. They think they're getting a great big present when they die with a bow on it and everything. (I presume) Do they think that when they die they'll wake up under a big decorated pine tree on a blanket of white fiberglass too? "If you're good, kiss gods ass enough and DR enough atheists you'll get that new bicycle and a road made of gold!"
  • I'm a born again Atheist.
  • As a child, I believed in many things - Santa, the easter bunny, that if you found a star on your tootsie pop you'd get some ridiculous cash prize. I believed because people I trusted told me they were true, and I had no reason to doubt them. It took me a long time to understand that "God" wasn't just some lie parents told their children to behave, that they actually believed it themselves. I wonder if there's people above the age of 6 who still believe in the easter bunny, too.
  • I am a lapsed Catholic turned atheist.
  • When I was a child.....but then I crew up!
  • I've never been brainwashed, so I've always been Atheist, just like everyone else when they're born.
  • I did believe and parroted what the others parrots said. But eventually I noticed a few odd facts...
  • Yea, it didn't work for me. I was happier being an atheist so i went back to being an atheist.
  • I was born an atheist, and none of the god stories make any sense.
  • I have always been Logical and always an Atheist... they go hand in hand
  • I believed in God as a child. As I grew up and began to learn how to actually think, I began to realize that there is no God - in the classical monotheistic sense. Wasn't a real tough transition.
  • I was brain washed, like almost every kid in this planet, to believe that there was a god who controlled every one of my movements.. But when you grow up you realise (some, of course) that there isn't such thing, that what is important is to love yourself, love others, and live your life as you wish, and not because "some else" says you to do so.
  • I was raised in church and was a church officer for a time in my young adulthood. As I developed critical thinking skills it became less and less plausible until I dismissed it altogether.
  • Everybody is a born atheist. It god were true --and necessary, such 'knowledge' would have come to us as naturally as taking the first breath. It doesn't, so it (god) isn't. Atheism is the cure from the only curable hereditary disease: 'faith-in-god'! I had a 'Holy Ghost' infestation through my parents, not their fault, they had got it from their parents, and so on, transmitted down the generations, very much like the 'original sin'. I exorcised myself when I came to my senses; a bit later than losing faith in tooth-fairy, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, etc. Now my mind is rid of 'god' delusion, ghost-free and now it is full of bright light ‘like a thousand suns’ and & of unlimited space. Are Atheists Happy? Who wouldn't be, on being cured of the only curable hereditary disease of 'faith-in-god', or 'the original sin'; …and the ability to see through mankind's oldest con should make one ecstatic!
  • Nope. I'm an atheist who was raised in a Christian environment. But I'm not sure I ever believed. I assumed god existed when young. I wanted to believe when a bit older. I believed in belief as a young man. And then I realized it was all a house of cards - very flimsy cards. +5
  • I believed in God whilst in prison and going thru a difficult time in my life.
  • I've never believed in God. I've tried, including honestly asking religious friends to try to convert me, but it just didn't work.
    • Lilo Avli
      Jesus loves you, man.
    • ReiSan
      Jesus is fantasy!
  • I am from Japan where 99.54% of the people do not believe in God. Most of them combine Kami no Michi (a.k.a. Shinto) and Buddhism. Amaterasu is the supreme deity of Kami no Michi, and orthodox Buddhism is agnostic. My family is not very religious. I have never actually believed in any gods or goddesses.
  • some lose their belief in god
  • I was reared as a Christian and was one most of my life, but I took many science courses, and some friends debated with me and showed me books that made me doubt religion. I can no longer accept religion as being true.

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