• my town is mostly white i think we have about 5 black people in a school of around 500 and while we have had animal cruelty, bomb threats, pissing in the water tower, and general mayhem (and thats only the past 2 years) i've not seen or heard of one incidence of racism happening in my town when ive lived here (10 years) but that is just my town so the same may not apply to where you are thinking of moving
  • i think that it sounds like you may feel this wouldn't be a good thing? i would. if 90% of these people are white they could use you around for some diversity. it's been my experiance(being gay) that if someone never really sat down and had a glass of water with a gay paerson i just may help them form a positive image about gays. ignorants comes from not knowing or never experiencing such things. i try too help do away with ignorance and look past that to the future. again i say do it.
  • If there is an asshole or two out there, you must weigh them in with the thousands. When everyone sees you as yourself, they will no longer notice the skin color, realizing that you are part of them as well.
  • saying 'no offense' doesn't excuse the fact that your question is offensive.
  • This shouldn't even be on your mind. YOU are moving to a town for YOUR reasons, not anybody elses'. Since we are free to move about the country in whatever fashion we desire, the only thing you need to think about is how moving will benefit you, not what other people will think of you. I could go on with a rant about racial tolerance, but I think I'll spare us. :)
  • you serious just make friends with the white folks and you will be find aslong as you treat them with no disrespect they won't you. Im white trust me on this
  • Those 10 percent didn't leave. You will be fine.
  • i wouldnt worry about it, im white and i like black people, not everyone hates them

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