• You'd use a program to record the audio going through the sound card. You aren't really recording from the output.
  • If your sound card supports it, using a program like Audacity will result in a recording option could "Line Out," "What U Hear," or something similar to that. This will record all of the sounds that you hear from your computer. If your computer doesn't accept that, you'll have to go to Radioshack or some place and get a double ended 1/8 plug (Like the plugs on the end of headphones, but it will be on both ends) and plug on side into the output and the other into the mic input. This is very diminished quality, however.
  • it took me a while to find it but i DID! all you have to do is... Double click the speaker icon in the disk tray. Click on Options, Properties. When you see Playback and Recording select Recording and then select Mono Mix. Press Ok, and then you come to another Recording control. It should be bhecked already to Microphone but check the Mono Mix instead. Now you should be able to record from your audio output only! :)

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