• My passwords are suffiently long and complex that in order to type them, I need to be sober enough to know what I'm doing.
  • No, but when I used to work as a TV salesman in Anchorage, I learned that shopping while plastered is one of people's favorite pastimes in Alaska. I still can't forget the time a woman came in looking for a new phone and walked out with a 53" Sony TV, courtesy of yours truly....
  • nope. my biggest bad drunk habit is drinking & dialing...
  • Hahah! No. Not yet anyway.
  • Uh, no, did lots of silly things while drunk but not that one... so come on then Mark..what did you buy??? lol
  • I've bought plenty of things on eBay while drunk, but I never regretted it the next morning. Usually didn't remember it. For awhile it was like Christmas every other day.

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