• The Bible has been proven over and over again to be historically accurate down to fine details. If the writers were so concerned for accuracy that they fastidiously recorded what went on, why should we doubt anything else they said.
  • You don't, you can just believe that to be the case; sometimes with subjective evidence, often without. To 'know' requires that A) It is believed, B) It is true, and C) You have a reason to believe it is true. A is not in doubt, C is often the case as well, but B needs to be proven before anyone can say they 'know'. ***** I should add; many historical details from the Bible are proven to be entirely accurate, but the main claim is that God exists, is the creator, and in the New Testaments case sent his son to Earth to die for our sins. These three claims have not been proven.
  • There are various literary styles and genera employed in the Bible and many of the stories are allegorical. I accept the inspiration and comfort that the Bible gives us when we read it but I don't accept everything at face value.
  • Faith and all that singwell said.
  • You know it because you are taught to believe so.
    • dumdum
      So -- ones faith is based on what others convince you to believe?
  • We don't know. I think a lot of people practice blind faith but if it helps them through the day - God bless them!
  • It does take faith, but we also know all scripture is God breathed. Me personally, God has done so much in my life, I have no trouble beliving every word of it. Even when others dont.
    • dumdum
      ".... but we also know all scripture is God breathed." If one agrees with your contention, then of course you are correct. If not -- nothing is decided.
  • It's not:
  • Because it says it is. And if that sounds reasonable to you, I've got this bridge to sell you...
  • If you want answers to that question you can probably Google as well as I can. If not, then here is a link to get you started.
  • well I'd LOOOOVE to know the answer to that, Im all ears
    • dumdum
      There is no "answer." Sorry about the all ears thing.
  • Why does my choosing to be a Christian and following the scriptures bother you so much? It doesn't harm you in the least, so how I choose to live my life shouldn't bother anyone its not harming.
    • dumdum
      You seem to be making some rather large assumptions. Who believes they are being they are being harmed and what makes you think anyone cares -- let alone is bothered?
  • Nobody can know or prove this. It just another religion that some follow, by some I mean a lot, but still its just a belief and beliefs are far from true most of the time. I believe in aliens but I dont have any real proof. Other than all the video tape and reports from military and airline personal, which is much more than any religion can show, but still, nothing is proven until it is proved. For Christians its the second coming, for me its alien contact. Neither has happened yet.
  • Very simple, by testing for the opposite. If you cannot identify a single statement that is not true or not correct then you know that everything in the Bible is true and correct. You can pick any statement from the Bible and check its consistency with other statements in the Bible or with facts outside the Bible. If you manage to find a single statement that fails the test then you you'll know that not everything in the bible is true and correct. For example, take Matthew 9:18 it says "While he (Jesus) spake these things unto them, behold, there came a certain ruler, and worshipped him, saying, My daughter IS EVEN NOW DEAD: but come and lay thy hand upon her, and SHE SHALL LIVE. And Jesus arose, and followed him," Now compare that with Mark 5:22 which says "And, behold, there cometh one of the rulers of the synagogue, Jairus by name; and when he saw him, he fell at his feet, And besought him greatly, saying, My little daughter LIETH AT THE POINT OF DEATH: I pray thee, come and lay thy hands on her, THAT SHE MAY BE HEALED; and she shall live. And Jesus went with him" Now if you can satisfy yourself that the two accounts are consistent then you have failed, this time, to disprove that everything in the bible is true and correct. You can move on to other statements and test them similarly, if you want. However, if you hold that one of the two accounts is not true, or is incorrect - the daughter was either dead or she wasn't - then you have proved that not everything in the bible is true and correct. You will also see that the Bible has lots of such inconsistencies. The HQ actually invites people to examine it for inconsistencies like these, implying that if a man or men had written it there would have been many inconsistencies in it. HQ 4:82 says, "Do they not contemplate over the Qur'an? Had it been from other than God, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy."
  • how can you believe in anything anybody says today, especially the media. you either do or don't. love the LORD or you don't. it is that simple...
  • How else can you explain a book being translated into more languages BY HAND to be virtually unchanged for 2,000+ years? And numerous translations in English, with all arriving at the same conclusion. What old work with as much detail can boast of that? Take Nixon's cabinet trying to come up with a solid story - they spent months getting their stories straight. Yet under scrutiny, their story fell apart! Truth is constant, falsehoods are not. I mean, look at history books from 1960 versus now regarding events in the 17th century and older. They are TOTALLY different, but they were taught as "truth"!
    • dumdum
      If this line of logic works for you -- glad you found contentment.
  • There is no proof but faith. I am a non believer, but even I know this.
  • Well, for me, my conviction comes from the fact that the Old Testament and the New Testament compliment eachother. Every sort of prediction and prophecy in the Old Testament was fufilled and carried out in the New Testament. The Bible is constant within its own message, which right there proves a certain amount of credibility. There have been scientific finds and evidence leaning towards the affirmation of some of the "fables" (no offense to anyone) that are in the Bible. Seriously, no joke. There's also the fact that the Bible contains THE most sound, most constant, most profound, and also most peaceful doctorine of all time in the history of mankind. And if you really want to reseach the legitimacy of the Bible and all, I suggest reading "More Than a Carpenter" by Josh McDowell. He dwelves deep into the logistics behind it all. :) I love that book. Oh, and as far as how old the earth is: I don't know it all. I'm still in high school. I will gladly admit that I may have something wrong, just as how scientific theories can be disproved. But I've noticed something. Have you ever wondered what Lucifer did to make God so mad? I mean really? All that we were really told was that he tried to raise his throne above God's, right? Well, picture this: Before he fell, Lucifer was a pretty powerful angel. He had control and jurisdiction over many things, which we know by the Bible is fact, one of which included the Earth. Well, what better way to set himself on a pedestal than to try and recreate God's plan for a human being? I mean, humanity is supposed to be God's greatest creation, right? It's just a theory, but that would explain some of the strange sets of human skeletons we've found. Then, when Lucifer fell, the humanoids were destroyed, and God allowed the earth to be "dark and void." And let's face it, we have no idea how much time past between when Lucifer fell and when God began creating life. That could have been millions, billions of years in human time. So really, maybe the Bible and the scientific side of things could ~both~ be right. :) But that's just my opinion, and I hope that I didn't offend anyone with it.
  • Try doing what it says and you will find that it is.
  • I don't.
  • You don't "know" in a scientific or logical sense. That's why they call it "faith."
  • You don't. It is something you have to ask the Author about. You simply exercise faith in God, and ask in prayer.
  • You just gotta have faith in it:)
  • I don't "KNOW" that it's all true and correct I "BELIEVE" that it is true and correct. I used the word believe because it would have sounded strange to say, I 'faith' that it is true and correct. It's the same thing, just one of those accidents of language. Nobody has ever seen God. It's a faith/believe thing. When you sat down at your computer did you "know" that the keyboard and mouse was going to work? faith/believe told you that it would. You didn't 'know' until you started typing.
  • Because God does not lie. In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began; Titus 1:2. God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: For I am the Lord, I change not; Malaci 3:6a
  • 8-20-2017 You don't have to read many pages in history to realize that the sky above the Earth looked very different just a few thousand years ago. You might wonder why the ancients named their god after a planet that most people now can't even point to. Well, they were quite explicit about that: they didn't worship gods named for planets, they worshiped the planets. In ancient days, Jupiter and Saturn dominated the sky, and Venus and Mars put on quite a show for a long time. So we are talking about a time when science and religion were the same: both hung right there in the sky for all to see. There was no body of philosophy on which to base bullshit religions. There was no science of crowd control. People recorded exactly what they saw, carving records into rocks and passing stories verbally from generation to generation. So every record was preserved by eye witnesses with no reason to lie about what they saw. The only problem is that their records tend to be difficult to translate because languages are so wacko, and difficult to understand because we have not seen such things. Example: people all over the world recorded that there used to be a sea in the southern sky. The Chinese saw the tree of life in the north sky, where the gods lived, and the sea of confusion in the south sky, and they called their land China, the Middle Kingdom. That makes no sense until you realize that rings would look exactly like an ocean. The Earth had rings at one time. And nobody has seen a tree of life, but the Egyptians recorded that the Earth had two suns before the one we have now, and one of sat directly above the north pole so it never rose or set. These things have been collected from around the world, in hundreds of languages, and every detail of the collection supports the biblical account: stories are duplicated all over the world because people all over the world were looking at the same things. But of course the unbelievers reject all that knowledge. They prefer to stick with their own ignorance. Here is the collection of myths, translated, interpreted, and illustrated:
  • Faith is not about "knowing," it is believing in the abstract, it is intuitive, the deep conviction in the unseen -- the unproven.
  • The Universe, Earth and everything in it convinces me that there's an Intelligence who is extremely powerful, wise and loving. Foretold and fulfilled prophecies, historical accuracy etc has convinced me that the Bible is inspired by this higher Intelligence. I have no doubt that He is truthful and reliable. Sincerely E

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