• Explain to him that he if he continues this, you will have to report him to management for sexual harassment. This type of behaviour is illegal in the workplace.
  • I'd give it a shot with one more conversation, explaining how uncomfortable this topic makes you, reiterating that you only want to be friends. If he doesn't get it after that, all bets are off and I'd report him for sexual harassment as lizzie 25 said.
  • Make him understand once again .Talk to him till it gets into his head and he knows where he should draw the line .But I hope you use some diplomacy in doing that :-)
  • tell him firmly that u just want to be friends and thats it. You wont have any more feelings for him. Try to explain to him that your seeing someone and your not interested in leaving him any time soon. Hopefully he'll get the picture. If he dusnt then... well you dont have much choice rather than to report that like lizzie said :/ .. unfortunately it will end a friendship, but he'll leave you alone from then on.
  • Tell him that it makes you feel a little uncomfortable when he talks about sex constantly. Explain you just want to be friends, and that you are dating someone. You can also try to find a way to nicely tell him if he continues to talk about sexual things that you are going to report him for harrasment in the workplace. Maybe that would give him a better hint ::)) GOOD LUCK
  • Tell him in a straight-forward way that you don't want to listen to him talk like that.Don't even mention being"friends"with him.
  • Give him the cold shoulder for a little while. After a few days tell him you miss talking to him but the constant sex talk made you uncomfortable.
  • To everyone who answered: Thank you so much for your advice and suggestions! I explained to my co-worker that it was making me uncomfortable, and that I would report him to management if he didn't stop. He apologized, and immediately launched into a speech about video games... LOL! Thank you so much for all your help!!! -babyrottweiler
  • dont threaten him with taddling, tell him to leave you alone or you wont be friends anymore. if that doesnt work, then you can take more drastic measures.
  • Ignore him when he talks about this or change the subject. Or you could tell him it makes you uncomfortable.
  • Tell him: I would love to discuss this, but I usually charge $75.00 an hour for sex therapy.
  • Maybe he is talking about sex with you for the insight from a woman that isnt interested in him. Unless of course he is talking about sex like, "will you have sex w me".
  • If he does it again, point out the fact that you've told him you're not interested and that his discussions about this subject are not acceptable and can be reported (if you want to scare him and give him a chance first), otherwise don't give him a warning and report his actions to your employer at your earliest convenience. All the very best.

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