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  • No. cross species impregnation is impossible
  • no you can't
  • it's as possible as a dog getting pregnant from a man having sex with it.
  • absolutly not!!
  • Try it and report back in a few months.
  • No...and thats one of the bennefits of it, besides a few other fantastic reasons...Mmmmmmmm
  • I know this is an out-dated question but I have to answer. Human and Dog chromosomes do not match up. the egg would be fertilized but then DIE after the first couple of cell divisions. That's what makes it appealing to some. Great sex, No pregnancy.
  • no the chromosones will not match up.
  • Not possible no matter how many times you try or what breed of dog or animal.
  • its fantastic, i let my dog eat me out then i give him a hand job and sometimes blow him the he fucks me and it feels sooo good. and its a no strings attached thing, it makes it even better.
  • You cannot get pregnant from having sex with a male dog. Just the same you cannot get female dog pregnant having sex with her. I have had sexual relations with several of my dogs over the years and loved every minute of it. I think having sexual intercourse with a female is the best you can get. So much better than with a human mate. The dog will love everything you do to him or her and are natural lickers. The oral sex they can give you is mind blowing! Also I tought one of my females to french kiss me open mouthed and almost orgasmed the first time she did that! Just be careful they don't get too aggressive. If they do, calm it down a bit and wait for them to settle down. They will always want sex and never turn you down!
  • No, but very rarely, but sometimes a certain person, of a certain species has (an) inter-specific sperm/womb, and hybrids can be formed, even across Classes. It is very rare to get a hybrid pregnancy, and unless the sperm is fully single-specific and compatible; the fetus or older hybrid often dies, besides. A human womb can't cope with much, anyway, at all; besides. It'd be a dog's womb that would ever be possible, let's put it that way. The chromosomes are incompatible, though, yes. And most women prefer the fact they can't get pregnant.
  • It's so rare, it seems impossible; and hasn't happened to my knowledge. The hybrid wouldn't last very long, even if it got to birth stage, because the chromosomes don't go together in the right places. They normally don't happen, but in other animals, the odd hybrid cyst comes out of a pregnant female because of incompatible zoosexuality.
  • not yet! but soon one can become the new octomom with talking dogs.
  • the possibility is obviously very cute (and weird)... the human ANTIBODIES would definitely kill/attact the foreign objects (dog's semen) inside her...
  • First off, that's really sick! Second, no its impossible.
  • No, but any son of a bitch can easily impregnate her.
  • I just don't think it would work since not enough chromosomes would match up.
  • No, nature has devised ways to not allow such entities to be born naturaly. Otherwise the world would have quite a few and very strange hybridizations roaming the backwoods. Cat-dog? Dog-pig? Man-sheep? You get the idea. In fact they use pig sperm in documentaries to show the sperm coupling with the egg to not allow for an actual human embryo to develop in a petri dish. For obvious moral and legal reasons. But some human-animal hybridizations could be possible, such as a human and a chimpanzee. But are still very unlikely due to the genetic differences between the two, but the similarities still could allow for it to happen. I'm not entirely certain, but you could still probably get STDs though.
  • Hun Ape's are closer to Human DNA in the animal kingdom!
  • i think its not possible because there would be recognition receptors/proteins on the sperm and egg that wouldn't match up. the animal sperm wouldn't even know that was an egg in front of it.
  • No. A perfect example of that would be Madonna. With all of the dogs she's had in her she hasn't gotten pregnant from one yet.
  • Yes you can. As I read in a medically sound book a woman CAN get pregnant if the male dog locks with her and fill her full with his children. sadly the fetuses last only 3 months and causes a misscarriage. either yoru desparate.. want to have some messed up kid who will die before hitting air.. or want the pain.. either way your sick messed up and need to like.. get our head checked before attempting such illegal actions.

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