• It's possible, but I think genetics play a larger role in your adult height. In general, human growth hormone (hGH) secretion follows a circadian rhythm and is secreted in 6-12 discrete pulses per day, with the largest pulse secreted about an hour after the onset of night-time sleep (around midnight for most people). The release and inhibition of human growth hormone (hGH) are governed by two hypothalamic hormones: growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH)) and somatostatin. Growth hormone secretion can be triggered by a number of natural stimuli, the most powerful of which are sleep and exercise. So, while you're right that more growth-hormones are released during sleep, it unlikely that your height would've been that much different had you slept more as an adolescent.
  • Height is mostly genetic, but a part is also enviromental. Everything you have done and everything you have consumed since birth has a minor effect on how tall you become, but the major effect comes from your genetic programming.

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