• the price of new pc/laptops are quite reasonable at the moment ,so id buy a new one and also your probably upgrading at the same time.
  • The fancy LCD screen is one of the most expensive part of the computer. That is one of the reasons why the Asus eePC is so cheap. Get a new one and get a better hardware that matches your screen.
  • Every laptop is different, but replacement screens generally cost $500-$900. That's a lot of money just to replace one part. But if you just bought the laptop, you'd be hesitant to just give up on it that quickly. It's a judgement call, but if the laptop is more than 1.5 years old, I'd be leaning toward a complete new laptop. Especially with prices being what they are today.
  • Of course it's worthwhile. Just depends on cost and part availability. Shop around to see who gives a better deal.
  • it might be cheaper to replace the screen

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