• Hi! The first line of PS3's, just like any new first production line of a video game system, will have flaws, especially the PS line. It sounds as if you have a faulty player, as the games should work appropriatly. Is there a warranty? if so, return for a new one. If not, see what you can do to get a new one. Like I said, you may have had the faulty first line edition.
  • Depends on whether the game was bought or ordered from overseas. Did you buy this game from a retailer from here. Games have a regional code, and if you bought it from a different region via e-bay etc. then the game will not play.
  • over 12 munths old ? well you can still ring sony.i did and i got my ps3 60 gg on the 27.3.07.GTA4 put a stop to it loading all ps3 games.i can still play dvd and cd and ps2 games . sony say thay will swap it for free.give them a ring you never know.
  • get it checked by a professional you may need a new lens.

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