• Yes, there always has to be at least one bath tub in the house. You gotta have that for sure.
  • No, not really. I rarely take baths except for relaxation. So I would just buy a hot tub to go with the house. :-)
  • Does this house only have the one shower? Or is there another bathroom with a tub, and the second bathroom will only have a shower? If the house was just for me, or just for me and another adult, then the lack of tub may not be an issue. If we had kids, or were planning on having them while at that house, I'd want a tub.
  • If it was a house I really liked, I would have a bath put in.
  • No I would use that to bargain the price down and take the savings and tear it out and rebuild. Use the situation to your advantage.
  • No, but I would want more than one bathroom.
  • I am curious to hear the answers given. As a Realtor, I can offer that in my experience most buyers are concerned if a house has no bathtub (in at least one bathroom). I have had buyers purchase a home with a bath/no shower and install the shower themselves but installing a bathtub is more involved. If you have only one bathroom in your house and are considering removing the tub, you may decrease the value of the home in the long-term.
  • we are looking for a house now and I think we wouldn't buy one with out a tub...
  • Yes, it really would. It's not to say that I certainly wouldn't buy it, but I definitely would have reservations. I may stil buy it if there were room for a tub to be put in, in the bathroom.
  • If there was the potential to install a bathtub I would consider it, but would definitely lower the offer for the house. If the bathroom is too small for a tub I would not consider buying the house.
  • no.i enjoy bathing in the shower.i dislike the tub because all the waste water still remains in the tub while taking a bath.
  • Not at all - in fact, I'd like to get rid of the bath all together and just have a wet room. Anyway, for some odd reason, I get really depressed having a bath! Suppose it reminds me of all the times I spent in hospital, when I was made to have salt baths!! :(
  • Not if it were only going to be a "standard" size bath anyway. At 6'2" I find those of average size pretty depressing, when all I can soak is my butt and feet. Now if I could get a REALLY big DEEP one like a big old claw foot one or bigger, where I could really stretch out and soak my aching back and other muscles, then by no means would I wanna give THAT up.
  • I got rid of my bath years ago and installed a walk-in shower,less water usage and it stops people hogging the bathroom with long hot baths lol.
  • It would put me off a little. We don't use a bath very often but it's sometimes a lovely treat to have a soak! If there was the room to install a bath and everyhing else about the house was spot on then I don't think it would be a problem :)
  • I think as long as you can add a tub than no problem. IF you do not have the space to add a tub then I would probably say no. Too limiting.
  • It might, but I would not pass the house up if I could have a tub installed. If that was not possible, I'd pass.
  • I always want a shower as well as a bath in the house Iam gonna buy.What is the point. Mornings you dont have time to have a bath. so shower is an essential feature actually.
  • No. I prefer to shower. However, if someone is thinking about buying a home without a tub they should consider the resale preference. Most buyers want at least one tub in their home so this could affect how long your home stays on the market should you decide to sell.
  • If the price was right. I could add the tub myself.

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