• Probably just make your coffee and then add ice and maybe some creamer, milk, chocolate syrup or what ever you like to put in it! I used to make stuff like that at home! I always made a pot of strong coffee though, well stronger than I would normally drink! Good luck and have fun! :o) Let me know how it turns out!
  • Well, I own a coffee shop, and I can tell you that you won't be able to make ones that tastes like theirs at home because theirs comes out of a machine. It is made with sweet syrup and fake milk. Too get as close as you can, you would need to buy a concentrate or a powder and follow directions. Try this instead: Brew a pot of coffee at home. Take the filter out ASAP, don't let it sit. When the pot cools, pour in to a pitcher and put in fridge over night. Use cold, whole milk, a quality chocolate sauce (Hershey's at a minimum, but I prefer Torani or Ghirradeli). If you like it sweet and milky, use one part chocolate to 6 parts milk to 3 or 4 parts cold coffee. You will likely need to add a spoonful of sugar to get it THAt sweet - or use a shot of vanilla flavored syrup, like Torani. Pour a little wet ingredient in to blender, then ice, then remainder of wet ingredients (helps with blending). You will need a very good blender that can crush ice. Mix and let sit for a minute or two before you drink. (I do NOT recommend, nor would I serve it THAT sweet, because that is not REALLY coffee, but if that is what you are looking for, I hope these instructions help!)
  • To make iced coffee at home, brew some VERY strong coffee, and mix it with a lot of ice -- that will cool it down, and dilute it of course, which is why you brewed it strong. Pour in a glass with more ice and milk and Splenda/Equal (sugar doesn't dissole well in cold liquid). A french press is a great way to make strong coffee for this purpose.

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